Interesting way to get it:

Powdered cocaine for my use, crack cocaine for his use. LOL. HILARITY! Go Larry! I said during the most recent debate that I was being reminded of Blackwellian campaigning. Now I’m being reminded of Scott Pullins!

A real quick look makes one ask:

A. What is the chance this dude has ever been in an upscale lounge?
B. What are the chances that toothless Larry is a crackhead?
C. How long before dude is served?

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  • James

    The thing with a polygraph is that if this guy believes he is telling the truth, then it won’t register as a lie. He could have met someone he *believes* to be Senator Obama, and it will come out clean on the poly. The poly doesn’t proove truth, but detects deception. Also, if this guys is a pathological liar and truly believes his story then the machine will not detect any deception.

  • Sounds credible to me. There is also lots of homophobia in the Obama campaign because this guy is being called all sorts of names along those lines.

    Why should we elect a guy who has used crack online several years ago?

  • Dustin Hamilton

    What if he submits to a polygraph and it comes back true?

    – Dustin Hamilton

  • Those who are trying to discredit Larry Sinclair on the grounds that he is mentally sick, not sexually attractive, low-life etc should watch out. If and when his allegations are proven it will be all the worse for the Senator that he took advantage of someone like that. I find Larry Sinclair credible both in his videos and his live radio interview and I am glad to see he is taking a lie-detector test.

    detector test.

    Havign watched hsi videsaz and who

  • chica

    Ok, first off, let me apologize in advance to those that I’m sure I will offend. The truth has a way of doing that 100% of the time. Now that I cleared that up, this is classic reflection of what happens when someone or group of persons fear someone that they cannot beat. They have to set up lies, cheat, or down-right injure their opponent, because they know they cannot beat them fairly.

    The Obama’s demolish the ignorant and absurd stereotypes about Black Americans. Not only to America, but to the world. Their image forces some people to actually do something they may have never done before, think.

    Think about how stupid your midset has been about an entire group of people. Think about how ridiculous your grandfathers and fathers and uncles sounded when they cracked those racist jokes. Think about petty and meaningless the media is when they project one-sided stories, always making the non-white person seem like the ‘bad-guy.’ Think about all the excuses you yourself may have used to justify why ‘those people’ make you life harder, when in realtiy, you life is hard because you, yourself mad it that way. And you’re upset because you thought your skin color would get you further, but it didnt.

    This ‘Larry Sinclair’ guy is irrelavant. If he had any type of importance, we would be watching him on TV instead of hearing about Britney Spears every damn day.

    He is a Black man, with his intelligent, flawless black wife and their beautiful family. Is this the best they can do in their futile attempts to smear him? Give me a break.

  • Shawn

    Right on chica

  • What if he submits to a polygraph and it comes back true?

    It means that Sinclair believes his story, not that it’s actually true.

  • There’s a new debunking site that just showed up at It really needs some links.. fast. This idiocy can and will get more and more traction as the campaign wears on. There is no overestimating the gullibility and overarching stupidity of the American electorate.

  • Eric Akton

    Larry Sinclair was in a mental hospital during the time he says he was in Illinois. He was suffering from sever psychosis due to schizophrenia. He currently resides in a government subsidized home for the mentally ill and disabled.


    People, we can’t just believe any crazy claim from a youtube video!

    Also, anyone can file a lawsuit. There are thousands of frivolous lawsuits dismissed every year, this will no doubt be one of them.

    Larry is a sick man who is after a quick buck and his 15 minutes of fame, nothing else….nothing more.

    By the way, I am not even an Obama supporter. I support Clinton, I just do not like to see someone’s record smeared like this.


    Eric Akton
    Bexley, Ohio

  • Kaye Mcpherson says Sinclair lives at 600 W Superior St. #604 Duluth MN 55802. That is what Larry filed in Court which is public record for anyone to see. According to H.U.D. records which are also public, that address is a building with 154 units called Gateway Tower and is a complex for the elderly and disabled. Perhaps Sinclair’s disability is that he is mentally ill? He claims that he was a drug dealer himself but he needed Obama to get him some cocaine? And then a public official is going to go run and get a stranger some drugs like a street runner? If Sinclair was making the kind of money he claims he was making according to his interviews–$250,000 a month(?), why is he broke now and living in H.U.D. housing?

  • ERIC
    You claim that “Larry Sinclair was in a mental hospital during the time he says he was in Illinois. He was suffering from sever psychosis due to schizophrenia.” Where does that information come from. It’s important for the Wikipedia article we’ve started on this madness:

    Please make credible contributions to the page. Someone will do cleanup.

  • Christina Cross


    Things start changing next Tuesday!

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    In answer to all the whining that the NY Times, as well as the MSM aren’t carrying the Sinclair story, neither are Limbaugh, FOX, nor the NY Post, all of which hate Obama. The story isn’t being carried because, as a blogger named Mau put it: All this guy ( Sinclair ) proves is that he’s a drug addicted cock sucker in search of an easy buck’

    Add to this that Sinclair is a Ron Paul operative:

  • matteblack

    Yea, sure Christina,
    Here’s what I bet happens on Tuesday. Whitehouse,com says “larry telling the truth…but we need a second opinion.” We will wait a long time for that, because the DNC is already preparing to serve You people should be ashamed.

  • sam

    If it’s not true, senator obama can simply tell the country that it’s not true. I would believe his words, even without any polygraph. There’s no need to attack this guy’s creditability or even blaming on Hillary.

  • TST

    FYI#1: CNN, MSNBC & FOX all know about this, and others. They have researched this story and will not air it because it is libelous, inaccurate, and fraud based on the ranting of a very sick man with a self-admitted mental disorder and self-admitted criminal history where he says, “…I actually revealed some things about myself that could put me away for quite a bit of time…”

    FYI#2: We are finding hints that Larry Sinclair was in a mental hospital during the time he says he was in Illinois. He was suffering from sever psychosis due to schizophrenia.(Maybe drug induced? He’s a self admitted heavy user or was)

    FYI#3: We have found some discrepancies about graduation dates and that there are multiple graduation dates, but none seem to coordinate with Mr. Sinclair’s libelous statements.

    FYI#4: In Larry’s radio Interview he revealed that he has a past that could have him put behind bars. It’s about 2/5 near 1/2 way into the interview, JUST before a break.

    “…I actually revealed some things about myself that could put me away for quite a bit of time…”

    FYI#5: Though RON PAUL did not do this, some of his supporters are really pushing this video in their blogs, chats and postings. Another even attachs posters of this rebuttal…The Ron Paul Fringe is pushing this more than Clinton. A Google search finds more Ron Paul supporters doing this than Clinton. RON PAUL is a Fine man with great intension for this nation, it is misguided followers as well as Clinton’s.

    Here are some posts for others that may sway your opinion. PLEASE RESEARCH for yourself. DON’T Blindly believe ANYTHING you read.

    kujayhawklaw says, “I got really worked up about this. I insulted his methods to the point I got him to call me personally at home. He was friendly, but requested that I start sites against him because controversy helps him sell his message. Nice guy, but a fraud.”

    asdffd says, “I just asked this guy on his video if he had ever been convicted of fraud. Soon after he made a post saying he would be busy for a few days and not be able to post for awhile. When I tried to make a follow up comment my comment wasn’t posted- I think he blocked me from posting. I think the truth is going to come out about Larry Sinclair and it ain’t gonna be pretty. The first video he made- it looks like it was made in a hotel room. I wonder if someone put him up to it.”

    PoliticalJunk says, “LARRY SINCLAIRE BLOCKED MY SCREEN NAME TO COMMENT ON HIS VIDEO: YOU can check out this website to know the Federal LAWSUIT: It shows his Address with is a HUD FACILITY for ELDERLY and DISABLE PEOPLE (Mentally disable people too!) In a radio interview he even said he had mental problems as a child.”

    Larry has accepted $10,000 to take a lie detector test via a tabloid website. He claims his intentions are selfless to expose Obama… They have promised another $90,000 if he passes for it for the exclusive. The price of ruining a man’s life and robbing a nation of a great man, $100,000 and the loss of Larry’s soul and hurting millions.

    NEW:Larry Sinclair lives at 600 W Superior St. #604 Duluth MN 55802. That is what Larry filed in Court which is public record for anyone to see. This is available via a google search, we are not revealing anything not publically available. According to H.U.D. records which are also public, that address is a building with 154 units called Gateway Tower and is a complex for the elderly and disabled; a government subsidized home for the mentally ill and disabled.

    2/23/08 Absinthelover reports the above and this: In the Globe Magazine that just came out. It has an article and an interview with Sinclair. It says he has had multiple convictions for fraud in the past. He also has a brain tumor supposedly. (Gee, can that plus drugs affect one’s sanity??)

  • Rainblow on Halsted

    This story is totally believable. Larry, although not attractive to straights, is very attractive. He is obviously a very submissive bottom, limousine driver (that is a turn-on right there, I mean talk about power/stardom, etc), and drug supplier. That is a hot night out.

    Let’s look at Obama’s home life. Michelle obviously wears the pants. Barak is looking to ease the tension, like many men, and simply wants to get away from the nags. Larry is a nice diversion without attachments. Wasn’t the Gurnee Mall open during this time period. Shopping gives Barak the perfect cover. Look Honey, I got this for you. (of course he’s not thinking STD). Of course, whenever these stories come out, the person is always a bimbo and is branded crazy, drugged up, vengeful, or a political tool of the right/left.

    What is the big deal if Barak and Michelle have an open-marriage? What if Obama is GAY??? Or Bi? Who cares! Live and let live as long as you are not hurting anyone. If this is a political trick by Hilary, Barak should embrace it and point out the hypocrisy of being pro-Gay, while Gay-bashing.

    Barak will win in Nov. I believe it.

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    The Neo and Theo-Fascist Right are so desperate to stop Obama, having to rely, so totally, on a individual who is a drug taking and ( likely ) dealing cock-sucker who has a long history of fraud and of mental illness. It’s even more hilarious when these reactionaries claim that Larry Sinclair’s integrity is greater than that of the New York Times and the MSM. This is the equivalent of stating that Hitler had far greater morality than Roosevelt.

  • Barry

    Mr. Sinclair may just be simply telling the truth here.

  • tst

    Larry Sinclair may have been in a mental hospital during the time he says he was in Illinois. He was suffering from sever psychosis due to schizophrenia.(Maybe drug induced? He’s a self admitted heavy user or was) This is being confirmed by reporters of the Globe Magazine and others. (It may already be confirmed and why the lies have not made it to mainstream media. He has addmitted a mental illness history going back to age 7.

    YouTuber Absinthelover reports the above and this: In the Globe Magazine that just came out. It has an article and an interview with Sinclair. It says he has had multiple convictions for fraud in the past. He also has a brain tumor.

    From YouTuber MasterJoberry “On Delusional Misidentification From the link in the youtube video: Focusing on the neurological bases, these delusions can result from…brain tumor. Delusional misidentification syndrome…used to describe certain delusions of times, places, objects, persons, including the ‘self’, and even body parts.”

    Larry claims he was off his meds for a week so as to take the polygraph but if they have not accounted for the role that Larry’s brain tumor might have on his beliefs (and also his clearly demonstrated erratic behavior) then they may be measuring nothing more than delusions caused by the brain tumor. We have reason to believe that his condition is fairly advanced given he said he had little more than a year to live (Globe Magazine).

  • TST
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  • TST

    Whitehouse Dot Com reposts LARRY SINCLAIR FAILED his polygraph Test.

    Look it up, it’s all falling apart for Larry who has tried to blackmail other black politicians according to the Washington Post.

  • Dennis D

    This story is sooo ridiculous that it MUST be true

  • Larry Sinclair


    This is Larry Sinclair. First. I am posting this message in venues where I know my situation is discussed.First off, let me apologize for the roller coaster ride I have put some of you through(myself included). I have been going through various issues as of late, and have been having quite a tough time. I sincerely appreciate all the support I have received from ALL OF YOU(you know who you are). However, I think it’s time this all was finished. I was not being honest. I did not give oral sex to Barak Obama, nor have I ever met him. I have just been extremely lonely lately, and I guess I needed attention. I want to assure you all the money I recieved from this(both from and The Globe Magazine) will ALL go to charity. When all is said and done, I will NOT HAVE PROFITED from this. Now that I have disclosed this, I hope you all will respect my right to privacy, and let it rest. I have made some good friends during this, and will always cherish and respect the ones who have helped me.

    Thank you,
    Larry Sinclair

  • you are not helping obama by spreading it even more…

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    Posted by John Bryans Fontaine on 2/25/2008 8:39:42 PM


    Looks like the Cult of Larry Sinclair, a.k.a. Joseph Farah and all the other (far) right-wing nut-job believers, is going to have less
    cred than Scientology. Larry Sinclair, the worst Liar in recent history and his Lie have been smashed!

    Obama and the Liberals win !!

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    “I did not give oral sex to Barak Obama, nor have I ever met him…”

    – Larry Sinclair

    About the only truth he’s stated.

    Hey, (far) right-wing, nut-job (Sin)clair believers, (Sin)clair fooled you so utterly and easily, maybe he’s really…..

    the anti – Christ

  • TST

    Add you You Tube Dat Com in front of these 3 for a great BIG larry sinclair LAUGH!!!

    watch?v=mitykYCafwM watch?v=dbf-bfywA00 watch?v=FnEWT8jk7tU

  • TST

    Nice revealing video about Larry Sinclair

  • See something more

    and does he ever!

  • Cheston

    Some of you people are obviously cracked out yourselves. This guy has made unbelievable claims, and he went to reputable news sources who quickly researched and threw it away. there are some inclined to believe that the press loves Obama and for that reason will not address Sinclair’s claims, but when has the press EVER been able to pass up a halfway apparent political sex scandal. For the press to report on a sex scandal, they need official proof of sexual misconduct (court docs), hard evidence (photos, tapes, letters, etc), or the account of a participant. if someone is saying they had sex, that’s 90% of the story right there, all other evidence is used to corroborate, but nothing of what this guy said panned out, NOTHING.

  • TST

    Check Out the New Myspace

  • TST
  • Sue Zaborsky

    I wonder why this gyes story is so hard for people to believe. The media has done such an awesome job at protecting Obama and slamming the Clinton’s any chanmce they get. For once be open minded and try to be non bias. He admitted to doing drugs so why is it such a stretch that he had oral sex with a man. Hello, stop the damn free pubvlicity for him and do your job which is cover both sides of the story.
    I’m so sick of the media protecting this guy. He’s not even qualified to be running in my opinion.

  • I think this was said best, so I quot another person…

    “Larry Sinclair, I’m afraid, led us ALL down the garden path to Hell.

    It’s not JUST the Globe article that trashed his credibility, (Not the Boston Globe…The Globe Magazine…no, not the Boston Globe Magazine – THE GLOBE MAGAZINE…the one at the checkout counter…yes, that one), but that goes a long, long way. I mean, think about it. If a tabloid that believes Bigfoot exists won’t believe Larry Sinclair then you’re talking a fairly insurmountable image problem. I can’t accurately categorize the socio-economic bracket to which most of Sinclair’s followers belong but I can’t help but posit that many of them buy the The Globe and, perhaps, even have subscriptions.+ Source -Hybee Inc”

  • omar

    its a shame when nowadays everyone is trying to make a buck out of defamating someone in the public eye, this guy larry whether his story is true or not is only looking for his 15 minutes of fame and some cash with it. after all these years he wants to share this story, why not when he(Obama)was a senator. i think that this guys is just bitter cause he’s not part of the team on the way to the white house with Mr. Obama.

  • Linda Takano

    Don’t care if Obama is gay or bisexual. But his campaign or the media trying to cover it up or at least not trying to refute this rummor bothers me. Integrity-honesty is very important in the character of a president.
    Ron Paul the other republican candidate running for president had the courage and integrity to refute the rummor that he was not the author of the racist article published in his newsletter over ten years ago. Yet took responsible because he didn’t have time to look over the article before having it put on his newsletter. Now that’s what I call a good man of integrity and principle. The next president of the United States.

  • C’mon people, do you really believe this mess?
    After following this bs story from the beginning, all I can say is this guy is lying.
    He has changed little details (so small most people wouldn’t notice) and he has added murder. This guy claims he has a serious illness. Now if this man is dying, or was even TOLD he was dying, as a criminal, he has nothing to lose. He will go down in history as the man who destroyed Senator Obama’s presidential run. I believe he and a few of his friends made up this story at the same time Obama was getting favorable press all over the country. ‘Now you have to stick to the story man, you just have to. How is he going to prove he WASN’T with you?’ Yeah, I can hear the bs conversation.
    Maybe MSM is not picking it up because the “story” doesn’t sound credible. Even with all the evidence he claims he has, they’re still not reporting on this. Apparently, it is an allegation with no proof, no witnesses, and its being pushed with the intent to force Obama to acknowledge it, period. Just acknowledging the story gives it legs and to some, credibility.
    Trust me, him and all his helpful buddies know the destruction is imminent with just reporting the story. After that, take bets on how much time passes before we find out the story is completely false.

  • how does a christian sworn in to office on a karan get this far plus no experince also his friends

    Note: This comment is spreading a lie about Barack Obama. To read the truth, please visit:

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  • KStone

    Hillary got snookered by a crook and still deserves to be Prez. Just wait. The wheel’s truning. Sinclair’s accusations will be proven true and Hillary will rise, rise again.

  • @90: Skippy, don’t be an idiot and stop spreading lies about Obama. Please see:

    @93: Kelli, please stop smoking crack. It is bad for you.

  • Shane

    Larry Sinclair has thus far failed to produce a single viable piece of evidence. Is it any wonder nobody in the mainstream media wants to risk their career and credibility covering this farce?

    I’ve been trying to get Mr. Sinclair to response to questions on his blog (simple ones, like “If you think Obama’s phone records would prove you right, why don’t you provide your phone records, they should work just as well, right?” ), but the blog is so heavily moderated that not one single real question can get through, and apparently even his own worshipers are now having a hard time posting due to overaggressive comment deletion.

    I know several people who’ve tried to ask questions of Mr. Sinclair, but that is apparently not allowed on his blog, despite the fact that his blog clearly states “You may comment on any post, regardless of your position. However, please note that any and all abusive, threatening and vulgar comments and emails will result in your user name, email address and IP address being posted regardless and without the posters permission. You have been warned.” .

    Small wonder, huh? The guy who wants to force Obama to answer his questions will not answer anyone else’s 🙂

    I personally would love it if someone in the media just exposed this guy for the fraud he is. I’d watch that episode for certain, and I’m sure the advertisers would be well pleased by the number of viewers 😉


  • nurseratchet

    HERE, TRY THE TRUTH. IT WON’T HURT A BIT! “To be honest with you, its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

    -Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. June 18, 2008

    Larry’s words, my post!

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