What exactly happened is unclear, but Australian actor Heath Ledger had died this afternoon, apparently of an overdose of over-the-counter sleeping medication. It’s not politics, and it’s not something that impacts the lives of everyday people. But as a film buff (and one who has been eagerly awaiting the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight), this is… well, “distressing” is not the right word, nor “upsetting”… let’s go with “disappointing”, especially since Ledger didn’t appear to be a figure involved in Britney-Spearsesque self-destructive behavior. Ledger was a talented young actor. The previews for The Dark Knight hint at a marvelous performance. It’s unfortunate that we will not be able to experience other performances by Ledger, and it’s more unfortunate that his two year old child will now grow up without a father.

Watching The Dark Knight will undoubtedly be a weird experience now. Not as weird as The Crow, perhaps, but still a little odd.