I just read an excerpt on Alternet of a new book by Sarah Posner called “God’s Profits: Faith, Fraud and the GOP Crusade for Values Voters” that promises to provide us “a look into the shady finances and manipulative politics of America’s leading televangelist hucksters.”

The excerpted portion of the book deals with our favorite local televagenlist huckster Rod Parsley and it’s worth a read. This following is from the end of the section where she discusses how Parsley urges his followers to be generous with their contributions to his Church- but refuses to reveal any information about how he spends their money:

He will not document his generosity, however. Parsley operates his ministry under tight familial control, with a complete lack of transparency and accountability. But mixed up in his contrived message of his own generosity, he implores his audience to be generous to him. That, the Word of Faith credo goes, will result in givers being blessed with their own financial harvest. With the thousands in the audience repeating each phrase, he tells them to “throw your hands up and say, ‘Bless me, Lord! I’m a giver. I’m a tither. I’m going to bless your kingdom. And I receive financial abundance!'”