According to a new Gallup Poll released today, a third-party candidate (e.g. Bloomberg) will not be welcomed by voters in this year’s presidential election.

The Gallup folks draw this conclusion based on responses to the following question:

“Is there any candidate running this year that you think would make a good president, or not?”

If you check out the table of the historical responses to this question over the past few elections you’ll notice that this year’s respondents answered Yes twice as often as those in 1992 – the year Ross Perot won an amazing 18.9% of the popular vote as a third-party candidate.


Sorry, Mr. Bloomberg (and Ron Paul). Better luck in 2012.

  • Robert M.Simon

    I think this poll is misleading…the results said 84% of respondents apparently liked one of the candidates..Ron Paul is still running…hence his support is included in that 84%…Ask this same question in September and see if the populace is happy with the Communist Obama and the War-Monger McCain…If people are happy with that…they really are stupid and dangerous..

  • I hope you are right, Robert. I’d really like to see Paul run as a third-party candidate after the GOP gives the nomination to McCain.

    It can only help Obama in the general.

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