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Jane Roe Endorses Ron Paul

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At a press conference in Washington this morning Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. “Jane Roe”) officially endorsed Ron Paul! According to the pro-choice icon turned anti-abortion activist:

“I support Ron Paul for president because we share the same goal, that of overturning Roe v. Wade. He has never wavered on the issue of being pro-life and has a voting record to prove it. He understands the importance of civil liberties for all, including the unborn”

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On this day in 1973 the US Supreme Court debated Roe v. Wade and decided (7 to 2) in favor of a woman’s right to choose.

And today- on the 35th Anniversary of Roe v Wade – John McCain promised to fight against that monumental decision- threatening to turn back the clock on women’s rights three and a half decades.

Unfortunately, McCain wasn’t available to make these threats himself. Instead, he had Sam Brownback read a prepared statement on his behalf to a crowd of anti-choice, wingnut activists in DC.

In the statement McCain calls Roe v Wade judicial […]

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Heath Ledger, dead at 28

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What exactly happened is unclear, but Australian actor Heath Ledger had died this afternoon, apparently of an overdose of over-the-counter sleeping medication. It’s not politics, and it’s not something that impacts the lives of everyday people. But as a film buff (and one who has been eagerly awaiting the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight), this is… well, “distressing” is not the right word, nor “upsetting”… let’s go with “disappointing”, especially since Ledger didn’t appear to be a figure involved in Britney-Spearsesque self-destructive behavior. Ledger was a talented young actor. The previews for The Dark Knight hint at a […]

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So long Fred. Good game. Nice hand.

True conservatives are seen weeping as The U.S.S. Reagan II goes down.

Fred Thompson said:

“Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”

Jackie is really upset too:

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CNN is reporting that Fred Thomson has officially dropped out of the presidential race.

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Interesting way to get it:

Powdered cocaine for my use, crack cocaine for his use. LOL. HILARITY! Go Larry! I said during the most recent debate that I was being reminded of Blackwellian campaigning. Now I’m being reminded of Scott Pullins!

A real quick look makes one ask:

A. What is the chance this dude has ever been in an upscale lounge?
B. What are the chances that toothless Larry is a crackhead?
C. How long before dude is served?

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New coins!

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According to a new Gallup Poll released today, a third-party candidate (e.g. Bloomberg) will not be welcomed by voters in this year’s presidential election.

The Gallup folks draw this conclusion based on responses to the following question:

“Is there any candidate running this year that you think would make a good president, or not?”

If you check out the table of the historical responses to this question over the past few elections you’ll notice that this year’s respondents answered Yes twice as often as those in 1992 – the year Ross Perot won an amazing 18.9% of the popular […]

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Anyone else get the sense that Tom Blumer is related to Mohammed Sa?d al-Sahaf? You know, Chemical Ali. The guy who kept saying American troops were “not even within a 100 miles…”

Just imagine he is saying: “They is no recessions! Dee economie is OK, yes. The stock market is great, right? Have you seen? Tax cuts working, yes. I take you to stock market and will show you. Nothing to worry about at all. Economy is crushing. Doing well. Jes.”

Meanwhile, outside of Baghdad, reality sets in.

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Drug dealers, Fair Tax, and Huck

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Hilarious. Is that really what their image of a stereotypical “scary drug dealer”? That dude looks like Deputy Travis Junior from Reno 911! Be sure to read Ezra Klein’s take.

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It’s behind the NYT privacy-wall, but it’s a good read. I’ve excerpted the most relevant parts.

Maybe Mr. Obama was, as his supporters insist, simply praising Reagan?s political skills. (I think he was trying to curry favor with a conservative editorial board, which did in fact endorse him.) But where in his remarks was the clear declaration that Reaganomics failed?

For it did fail. The Reagan economy was a one-hit wonder. Yes, there was a boom in the mid-1980s, as the economy recovered from a severe recession. But while the rich got much richer, there was little sustained economic […]

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