People in the rest of the country already think Ohioans are a bunch of hicks.

And John Boehner’s recent comments about the new company providing cafeteria services for Congress hasn’t helped that image much.

Pelosi and the dems wanted the restaurant to be environmentally friendly – so they brought in a company that recycles everything ( “including plates, cups and utensils made from corn and potatoes” ) and buys carbon offsets for all of its energy use. Boehner, of course, whined about the carbon offsets- but that’s to be expected for any republican.

It’s his complaints about the health-conscious menu that make him look like a backwood’s hick instead of a successful leader of congress.

?I liked the food we had before,” said Boehner. “Food I can pronounce the name of.”

Note to Mr. Boehner – don’t be afraid the ask the minimum-wage food service employees at the cafeteria for help in identifying your food. I’m sure they’d be quite happy to explain that haricot vert is French for green bean. (but they no longer carry freedom fries)