WMD just published a press release from Jeanette Moll the “conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District”.

In the release, Moll attacks the ACLU for defending Larry Craig.

Moll, who identifies herself as “a mother of five and former Sunday school teacher” claims the ACLU’s case will cause a “perversion of the constitution” and she insists that the Ohio ACLU board of directors immediately denounce the case or resign.

“The ACLU should be defending the rights of mothers to send their young sons into public mens rooms without worrying that they will be exposed to public sex acts,” said Moll. “For the ACLU to equate public bathroom sex with freedom of religion and other constitutional protections is an outrage.”

First- let’s be clear here: Larry Craig was NOT arrested for having sex. He was charged with “interference with privacy.” According to the ACLU case- the law itself implies that people have a right to privacy in a bathroom stall.

Which makes sense. But I’m not writing about this to defend the ACLU’s argument or Larry Craig’s rights.

I’m writing because I don’t think Jeanette Moll is the least bit sincere in her press release.

She has only one purpose: scare people into voting for her by invoking two themes that always get wingnuts riled up: hatred of the big, scary ACLU and fear of icky gay people who are trying to corrupt our children.

Try to keep some perspective here, people:

Gay people are not trying to recruit your sons in airport bathrooms.

And the ACLU is not secretly involved in a gay conspiracy.

The ACLU takes cases in order to PROTECT civil rights- everyone’s civil rights. Yes- even those of an old, conservative, REPUBLICAN politician from Idaho.