Back in November Sen. Chuck Grassley launched an investigation of some big-name TV preachers believing they no longer deserve to maintain their tax-exempt status because they have become rich off of the donations of their viewers.

Four of the ministers have agreed to cooperate but two, Creflo Dollar and Bishop Eddie Long, have refused.

Which isn’t surprising. These guys ARE frauds and they SHOULD be afraid of this investigation.

Dollar and Long are charlatans who rob their faithful viewers and use the cash to pay themselves huge salaries, fly in private jets and buy millions of dollars in real estate. In the process, they are abusing their tax-exempt status and Sen. Grassley, as a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee, has every right to investigate them.

As Senator Grassley prepares a second round of letters urging the ministers to comply with his request for information- some in the evil evangelical empire are coming out in defense of the ministers.

One of these is Jay Seklow, the fear-mongering, wingnut lawyer from the ACLJ.

Again- no surprise here… Sekulow has been accused of doing the same thing with his tax-exempt organizations!

According to a 2005 article in Legal Times “through the ACLJ and a string of interconnected nonprofit and for-profit entities, has built a financial empire that generates millions of dollars a year and supports a lavish lifestyle — complete with multiple homes, chauffeur-driven cars, and a private jet that he once used to ferry Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Shame on you, Mr. Sekulow!

It seems to me that the best thing real evangelicals could do is get behind this investigation to help drive out the corrupt few ministers who give their whole movement a bad name.


25 Responses to Jay Sekulow Supports Corrupt Ministers

  1. Gary Daunis says:

    I am a Christian and I am continually amazed how these Christian Televangelists get on TV to such Millions of Dollars out of the ministry for extremely extravagant lifestyles! Jesus said Love not the World! Yet, these ministers want all of the trappings of extreme wealth! It makes me want to vomit and I am sure it makes God want to vomit! Another investagation is needed of these fraudulent charlatans!

  2. Lynn Rosen says:

    Our congressional leaders forcefully TAKE our money and get rich. If they want more, they just pass a spending bill. If we don’t pay the IRS we get arrested, unless you are a presidential cabinet appointee. At least the televangelists get rich on FREE WILL DONATIONS!

  3. dglamb says:

    I heard Jay give “his” testimony on Radio a while…he never mentioned his sin, his salvation or Jesus Christ. Was that his “final answer!” Check out my website on the Blood of Jesus Christ, under “Deceived Part 1 and Part 2 on the site DGLamb

  4. mvirenicus says:

    i'd really hate to see god vomit. couldn't imagine the mess. oh wait, yes i can. god created humanity.

  5. mvirenicus says:

    has anybody noticed that self-proclaimed christians are often nearly incomprehensible in their writing?

  6. mvirenicus says:

    i'd lock them all in the same prison, including those stupid enough to give money to televangelists.

  7. Anonymous says:

    These “blab it and grab it” charlatans have it coming.

  8. douglamb says:

    To mvirenicus: What was incomprehensible about saying that Jay Seklows' testimony didn't deal with his Salvation? It was not a “testimony of Jesus Christ,” but of Jays works! That means that he is not saved! If that was his “Final Answer.” Doug PS A mans' testimony as a Christian is what Christ for him, not what he did for Christ.

  9. douglamb says:

    mvirencus; The Bible says; in First Corinthians 2:14….the reason you can't understand the things of God is “because they are spiritually discerned.” The reason most folks don't proclaim that they are Christians is found in Romans 5:6, where it says that; “Christ died for the ungodly.” That makes it really hard to “brag” about! DGLamb Isa. 53:6

  10. mvirenicus says:

    how many years of bible study were required to learn how to spout this kind of gibberish?

  11. mvirenicus says:

    spiritually discerned. sounds profound. but all it really means is you make shit up as you go along, you and that ego projection you call god.

  12. dglamb says:

    mvirencus I would ask you the same thing! And what is “a self proclaimed Christian?' and is that anything like one that is NOT born again? Question; #3 Can you find anything wrong with Jesus Christ? Question #4 What is it about going to Heaven that you don't like? DGLamb

  13. dglamb says:

    Do you want to got to Heaven? DGLamb

  14. mvirenicus says:

    do you shun the company of adults? in combination with your magical thinking this would indicate schizotypal personality disorder requiring therapy and meds.

  15. dglamb says:

    What he meant to say to you,Mvirencus , was “Do you want to go to Heaven?” There are 2 alternatives one you are right…in which case DGLamb spent years in Bible studt and self-denial(he wishes) The other one is that Doug is right and the years you have been on earth thus far….are “a drop in the bucket” in eternity. Are you a gambling man? DGL

  16. mvirenicus says:

    please show me a historical reference to this Jesus Christ not derived from your bible or related apocryphal literature. there were plenty of historians contemporaneous to his supposed time. surely they must have known of this god-like miracle worker.

  17. mvirenicus says:

    i'll gamble on making this world a better place by relegating all this religious horseshit to the garbage heap where it belongs. too many people for too many centuries have paid heed and given deference to this nonsense. those days are over. the next stage in human evolution is the destruction of faith, and we're on that road now. we only need to pick up the pace.

  18. dglamb says:

    Was that a yes answer ….about your wanting to go to Heaven, or more hyperbole? DGL

  19. dglamb says:

    Let me see…a historical reference to Jesus Christ, not from the Bible. How about every time you write a check, with the date on it, or look at the calendar. 2010 A.D. Anno Domini? (The year of our Lord) DGL

  20. Eric says:

    You write “A.D.” on your checks? Now you see, that's just weird right there. I don't care who you are.

  21. mvirenicus says:

    a dating system devised in the sixth century CE. yep, that's contemporaneous.

  22. mvirenicus says:

    heaven does not exist, so consider my response a helpful suggestion.

  23. mvirenicus says:

    aren't you supposed to be conferencing with tim while watching the cavs game? 😉

  24. dglamb says:

    Tick Tock Mr. mvirenicus

  25. Eric says:

    OK guys. Enough theological stalemates. Time to hijack another thread. Shutting this one down.