From the daily archives: Saturday, January 19, 2008

People in the rest of the country already think Ohioans are a bunch of hicks.

And John Boehner’s recent comments about the new company providing cafeteria services for Congress hasn’t helped that image much.

Pelosi and the dems wanted the restaurant to be environmentally friendly – so they brought in a company that recycles everything ( “including plates, cups and utensils made from corn and potatoes” ) and buys carbon offsets for all of its energy use. Boehner, of course, whined about the carbon offsets- but that’s to be expected for any republican.

It’s his complaints about the health-conscious […]

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Back in November Sen. Chuck Grassley launched an investigation of some big-name TV preachers believing they no longer deserve to maintain their tax-exempt status because they have become rich off of the donations of their viewers.

Four of the ministers have agreed to cooperate but two, Creflo Dollar and Bishop Eddie Long, have refused.

Which isn’t surprising. These guys ARE frauds and they SHOULD be afraid of this investigation.

Dollar and Long are charlatans who rob their faithful viewers and use the cash to pay themselves huge salaries, fly in private jets and buy millions of dollars in real […]

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WMD just published a press release from Jeanette Moll the “conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 18th Congressional District”.

In the release, Moll attacks the ACLU for defending Larry Craig.

Moll, who identifies herself as “a mother of five and former Sunday school teacher” claims the ACLU’s case will cause a “perversion of the constitution” and she insists that the Ohio ACLU board of directors immediately denounce the case or resign.

“The ACLU should be defending the rights of mothers to send their young sons into public mens rooms without worrying that they will be exposed to […]

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Poker Players Alliance recently posted some info on the major candidates’ records on poker.

With the exception of Ron Paul – all of the Republican candidates are on the record being against online gambling- with Giuliani and Romney, not surprisingly, changing their positions recently to align better with the anti-gambling beliefs of conservative Christian voters.

On the Democratic side- Edwards is the only one who seems to be against it.

Both Clinton and Obama have expessed a desire to “study Internet gambling to see whether it can be fairly regulated so that individuals can safely participate in it and […]

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I was going to write about this yesterday but I wanted to do a little research first. It doesn’t help anyone if I just reprint the story from the Dispatch, right?

So anyway- Dann personally drove down to Cincinnati yesterday to file a case against Harmony Community School – Cincinnati charter school – accusing them of “abject academic failure, gross financial mismanagement, ethical lapses, and what amounts to consumer fraud.”

Dann added: “During my time in office I have rarely encountered a more egregious abuse of the public trust or the public treasury.”

Wow, that sounds pretty bad.

And […]

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From the Dispatch:

The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit this afternoon to block the state from forcing Cuyahoga County to switch from touch-screen voting machines to paper ballots counted at a central location in the March 4 primary.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is requiring the change in the state’s most populous county because of past problems there and a study that concluded the touch-screens are substandard and vulnerable to tampering.

But the ACLU argues in its lawsuit filed in federal court that the move change be unconstitutional and violate the federal Voting Rights Act because Cuyahoga County […]

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Canada: the US tortures

On January 19, 2008 By

Our friends to the north have officially placed the US on a torturing countries list.

Arar was sent to a Syrian prison where he was tortured for nearly a year. An inquiry into the Arar affair ordered a new focus on torture, and CTV News has learned that, as part of a “torture awareness workshop,” diplomats are now being told where to watch for abuse.

The aim of the workshop: to teach diplomats who visit Canadians in foreign jails how to tell if they’ve been tortured. It also listed countries and places with greater risks of torture. The list […]

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