Does anyone else think Matt Naugle has taken over blogging at State of the Union?

Either that, or they have just picked up on his ridiculous writing style and are running with it.

A perfect example is this recent post in which the anonymous “Ohio Republican Party” blogger tries to blame a small jump (about 7%) in Ohio’s jobless rate last month on Ted Strickland.

What they fail to mention is that the U.S. unemployment rate for the same time period jumped almost the same amount (about 6.5%).

It seems likely that the jump is Ohio’s unemployement rate has more to do with a crappy economy nationwide – and it seems like the blame should more appropriately be placed on our republican president instead of Ohio’s democratic governor.

Of course- that makes too much sense and doesn’t really fit into the GOP blog’s new, Naugle-inspired format: twist the truth and then blame Democrats.