Does anyone else think Matt Naugle has taken over blogging at State of the Union?

Either that, or they have just picked up on his ridiculous writing style and are running with it.

A perfect example is this recent post in which the anonymous “Ohio Republican Party” blogger tries to blame a small jump (about 7%) in Ohio’s jobless rate last month on Ted Strickland.

What they fail to mention is that the U.S. unemployment rate for the same time period jumped almost the same amount (about 6.5%).

It seems likely that the jump is Ohio’s unemployement rate has more to do with a crappy economy nationwide – and it seems like the blame should more appropriately be placed on our republican president instead of Ohio’s democratic governor.

Of course- that makes too much sense and doesn’t really fit into the GOP blog’s new, Naugle-inspired format: twist the truth and then blame Democrats.

  • So THAT’S where he ended up! I had heard bottom of the Olentangy…

    No surprise ODP bloggers identify themselves. Pansy GOP bloggers don’t. What a bunch of weasels.

  • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I can definitely see why they’d want to keep it under wraps if it was him though.

  • Well… If it means anything –

    You guys know how I feel it is Blob Bennett’s fault we are having the issue with the voting machines and Furher Brunnehlda. I have posted on there several times – thanking our bloated, egotistical, basketball headed chairman for “giving” the Furher control.

    Guess what – never approved. I made a comment there yesterday just asking why our party allowed the ACLU to file this lawsuit and not us – never apporoved.

    Off on a side note – I am running for State Central Committee for the 25th – 🙂 if they think my posts are biting – wait until I get elected and start chomping at their ass!

    I am still pissed over the posting of Jerids (BSB) Mom’s info on the front page of their site. Don’t give a shit what he did or that he is a NARAL loving dem – right is right, wrong is wrong and what they did was F’n wrong!

    Don’t have a clue if Naugle is there or not – really don’t care. But you do sort of wonder what our little buddy is doing.

  • Oh Excuse me —

    Sir God of Plunder, please do not insult weasels. Worms, parasites, scum suckers, pond algae, turd on the bottom of your shoe – would be OK comparisons, but not the poor weasels.

    Pansy?!?!?!?! We are not all pansies – are we?

    Remember – I love the when you do the Plunder Shuffle! Maybe a stint on – Dancing with the Bloggers – would be in order for your deft, fanciful foot work and booty shaking!

    One last thing – do your Plunder Monkeys feel it is acceptable for you, “The God of Plunder,” to shake his booty in public?

    Now you got the capitalist Wal Mart loving pig in me thinking!

    How about selling a screen saver with you doing the Plunder Shuffle?

  • I think you’d make more money off the screen saver of Jill modeling the Dancers for Democracy shirt.

  • #4: You are correct, sir. Did NOT mean to besmirch the weasel or any other animal in the kingdom. Pond scum is much more apt a comparison – or metaphor if you will.

    Why the pansy question? You wanna box or something? LOL. You at least use your LAST name. The pansies over at the GOP blog hide behind a cloak of anonymity with their bile. I gotta respect that you spew yours out in the open. You might be an insane wingnut, but you sir are no pansy. Huzzah!

    Please remember. The PlunderShuffle™ is protected by a number of copyrights in this and other sovereign nations. Don’t make me get Jerid to file against you. It would be and ugly and protracted legal battle that would be rightly documented among the blogOsphere.

  • Of course i would respect your copyright. you would be paid royalties and merchandising fees.

    We would have to ask Jerid if jointly representing us would be a conflict of interest. I was going to use him as my council.

    I figured if I had a democrat attorney, when all the illegal alien lovers in our country get upset for my business practices, he could represent me.

    I plan on using cheap labor from South American and/or African countries. I was thinking maybe I could call Oprah or Kathie Lee Gifford for the phone number to the places they were using in these places cheap labor. So I will need a good, young, hungry attorney.

    Take over a few sweat shops down there and have them get to work sewing – shirts that say –

    “GOP ’08”

    Relax! I am a true capitalist! The slogan can be bought by GOPer’s AND the dems! My marketing mind is on a roll….

    “God of Plunder ’08”
    Am I good or what?!?!

    Have Jerid call himself and get some preliminary discussions going.

    Boxing?!? What happens if you get lucky and sneak one in? Promise all you want – I could not live with myself if I was counting lights and you were doing some new fangled version of the ?Plunder Shuffle? ?.

    Then instead of the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard ?Bolo? punch, we will have to hear about the Plunder ?Pop? that was heard around the world!

    I have to ask… Could you live with me sneaking one in? While you were counting lights I would be doing the?. Well, I don?t have a King Dance. Lucky for you! But I would do something!!

    Note: Last time I danced they threw me off the stage of the Strip Bar. Something about I was bending the pole!?!? Idiots!

    Yeah I am learning there are quite a few spineless sheep out there. Hey our RPCC let the ACLU (our biggest enemy) get out in front on the lawsuit with Das Furher.

    But, I always say – if your going to spew (juvenile Beavis & Butthead laugh) make sure you claim it & name it!

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