Holy hell. Last night’s interview on A Daily Show was awesome. Jonah Goldberg came on to promote his – if reviews from all sides of the spectrum are to be believed – complete trainwreck of a book, Liberal Fascism. Well, the interview managed to maintain the crazy. (And yes – that’s a smiley face with a Hitler-stache.)

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  • T. R. Phillips

    It is blatantly false to say that the Nazis were socialists because they started their drive to power by taking over a workers’ union. By the early 1930s, the organization was hardly what we think of when we think of unions. The Nazis CHANGED the purpose of the original organization, and so any argument based on fascists being socialists is inherently false.

    I think Mussolini was correct in describing fascism as a sort of corporate oligarchy. This is a simple, but correct, perspective to judge fascism. Everyone would agree that Ralph Nader was progressive, a liberal. Under the definition of fascism as a system of corporate oligarchy, no one would label Nader a fascist. On the other hand, consider the Bush/Cheney administration, that has done more for empowering large corporate interests than even Reagan did.

    I am trying to teach my son how to tell who to vote for. Bottom line I teach him to evaluate the effect of a candidate’s policies on a healthy middle class and a healthy US Constitution. At this particular time, the unions (and the middle class) are having a difficult time of it, and the Democrats are the ones bemoaning the loss of a thriving middle class in our country.

    I can foresee a time, however, when the unions could get out of control, and votes should be cast to reign them in before our country goes the other direction, toward excessive unionism resulting in rule by workers’ committees in a time of economic stagnation – the other nightmare of totalitarianism, Stalin-style communism.

    The US can only be healthy if it can avoid the two totalitarian scenarios of Hitler and Stalin, realizing that both Free-Market Capitalism and Rampant Unionism can possibly go too far, resulting in totalitarianism, tyranny.

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