King has a post up attacking Iran for human rights abuses- especially stoning people to death. Which everyone will agree is a horrible, horrible thing.

But this type of punishment is standard practice throughout the muslim middle east because so many countries use the Koran as the basis for their laws.

The Koran says certain crimes should be punished by stoning- and so countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia continue to have laws that require stoning- even if they aren’t always enforced.

It’s totally fucked up- but not surprising. This is what happens when modern governments use outdated religious texts to make their laws.

And this should serve as a warning to all the wingnuts out there who want to make the US a ‘christian nation’ guided by the bible- another outdated religious text.

The bible, like the Koran, is full of offenses for which death by stoning is the recommended sentence!

According to the bible you can be stoned to death for adultery or for not being a virgin on your wedding night; for worshipping other gods or for preaching the wrong religion; for breaking the Sabbath or for cursing the king.

If we DID have a Christian country governed by laws based on good, old-fashioned christian values- then Giuliani would have long ago been stoned for adultry and Mitt for preaching the wrong religion. Huckabee would have been stoned for disagreeing with king bush and McCain for campaigning on the Sabbath.