King has a post up attacking Iran for human rights abuses- especially stoning people to death. Which everyone will agree is a horrible, horrible thing.

But this type of punishment is standard practice throughout the muslim middle east because so many countries use the Koran as the basis for their laws.

The Koran says certain crimes should be punished by stoning- and so countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia continue to have laws that require stoning- even if they aren’t always enforced.

It’s totally fucked up- but not surprising. This is what happens when modern governments use outdated religious texts to make their laws.

And this should serve as a warning to all the wingnuts out there who want to make the US a ‘christian nation’ guided by the bible- another outdated religious text.

The bible, like the Koran, is full of offenses for which death by stoning is the recommended sentence!

According to the bible you can be stoned to death for adultery or for not being a virgin on your wedding night; for worshipping other gods or for preaching the wrong religion; for breaking the Sabbath or for cursing the king.

If we DID have a Christian country governed by laws based on good, old-fashioned christian values- then Giuliani would have long ago been stoned for adultry and Mitt for preaching the wrong religion. Huckabee would have been stoned for disagreeing with king bush and McCain for campaigning on the Sabbath.

  • Well played, sir. Well played!

  • I’m curious. Which bible verses recommend stoning for the offenses you mention?

  • Click the link, dude:

    1. For touching Mount Sinai Exodus 19:13
    2. For taking “accursed things” Joshua 7:1-26
    3. For cursing or blaspheming Leviticus 24:16
    4. For adultery (including urban rape victims who fail to scream loud enough) Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    5. For animals (like an ox that gores a human) Exodus 21:28
    6. For a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night Deuteronomy 22:13-21
    7. For worshipping other gods Deuteronomy 17:2-5
    8. For preaching the wrong religion Deuteronomy 13:5-10
    9. For disobeying parents Deuteronomy 21:18-21
    10. For witches and wizards Leviticus 20:27
    11. For giving your children to Molech Leviticus 20:2
    12. For breaking the Sabbath Numbers 15:32-56
    13. For cursing the king 1 Kings 21:10

  • Yeah well spun!

    I notice none of you terror loving lefty blogs have spoke about the human rights abuses in Iran. Come on you guys get your panties in a bunch over our troops water boarding of American killing terrorists and nothing on this stuff until you can try and take a cheap shot at the bible.

    Let’s see…. when the terrorists you guys protect so much infiltrate their beliefs into our country more, maybe some of there sharia like laws will be enacted. Damn… could you imagine what San Francisco or Lakewood, OH would look like if they hung homosexuals here like they do in Iran?

    Actually that gives me an idea…. the queers can have candy in their pockets before they are hung – then all the little refried bean eating illegal immigrants can run around and swing at them like pinata’s.

    Lucky for us not only would Giuliani be gone, but they would get rid of, well all you guys, then Hillahag, “Pleae Quit Mitt,” Obama, Huckleberry…. damn probably all the presidential candidates from both sides. Well, except Thompson and Kookcinich.

    They would put Kookcinich in a zoo and rename him “Chimp Boy” and they would hope Thompsons wife was one of the virgins they will meet when they blow themselves up.

    Though I do like #13 on your list. Hey that Dudeyouronme thing – is that a gay version of the Bible.

    Now Joseph – I was trying to be nice in my post and point out the animals these people are over there. If you noticed, I also had a post slamming Iran for hanging someone just because they are – Gay!

    Back to the Bible you guys love to hate so much…

    Don’t the one of the commandments talk about NOT being gay?

    Exodus 20:17 “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his MANSERVANT, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ASS, nor any thing that [is] thy neighbour’s.”

    But fortunately for you guys most people that live in this great country founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs – we do not take the Bible literally like the jihadikazes you korrectniks routinely defend.

  • i see you guys are still censoring remarks!

    No big deal – I will just make a post on it. Thanks for giving me such an easy shot to take at you anti-american, Naral loving, Bible hating libs.

  • King- your original comment was caught by the spam filter for some reason. I recovered it. Sorry about that.

  • The bible, as a series of stories intended to teach us life lessons, is a fine book.

    As, I suppose, is the Koran.

    And I’m glad to see that neither of us think we should take it literally.

    But there ARE a lot of people out there who do want to make this a christian nation- and that scares me as much as a muslim nation.

    And I’m not supporting Iran. I’m just pointing out that our foreign policy is pretty inconsistent: we are supposed to praise Saudi Arabia (and sell them billions in weapons) and fear/hate Iran while BOTH countries have the same fucked-up system of justice based on outdated religious beliefs.

  • Nearly all of these passages are Old Testament accounts of events of the day not direct commands from God for all generations. The only thing God actually commands all of us is the Ten Commandments.

    To use these passages as context to say the Bible commands stoning in today’s society is like saying the US government demands hanging for punishing horse thieves because I saw it in a Ken Burns documentary on the old west.

    I think when you read the old testament you might want to read who the text was written for, by whom and time & place. It would give you a little better perspective than throwing out arbitrary quotes.

  • I agree with you 100%, Gordon.

    Much of the bible is not relevent to modern life.

    So when people like Mitt Romney say “The Bible is the Word of God, absolutely” is scares me.

    If you want to teach people about how great your religion is- then lead a very Christian life- lead by example (like Jesus did) and stop trying to push it on the rest of us.

  • To Joseph
    I actually address the evangelical issue on my blog. if you care to read it.

    For the record, I knew so much more about the Bible before I actually sat down and read it.

    When you say that much of the Bible is not relevant to modern life, I disagree. When you read the “stories” of the old testament there is a “moral to the story” we can all use in every day life.

    In addition, all of the teachings of Jesus can be used in every day life. All I know. When I do things as Jesus teaches, I’m never disappointed. When I don’t, I’m almost always disappointed.

  • I understand what it means evangelize, Gordon. And spreading the word about your faith – whatever it may be – is not what I mean by ‘pushing it on other people’.

    You are, of course, free to tell everyone how great you feel with God at your side- and to the spread the word about Jesus.

    That’s what is so great about our country – and it’s made possible because we separate religioun and government.

    The problem comes when you try to ‘force’ your religious beliefs on everyone else by establishing a government – and associated laws – based on the words in your religious documents.

    If YOUR god doesn’t want you to drink or have pre-marital sex or watch girls dance around naked then you should probably avoid doing these things.

    But I would prefer that your god not be involved in making MY laws.

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  • #6: I had a filter set up to catch the phrase “terror loving lefty blogs” and toss the whole thing in the shitter. Sorry about that. I’m not so sure it shouldn’t have stayed there but for the entertainment value. When Ralph loses it, he LOSES it!

    Hanging gays with candy in their pockets so refried bean eating illegals can swing at them like pinatas. Ah, the fear and loathing that must go on in your head to come up with such depraved creativity.

    Reminds me of another bit of insane and revolting creative thinking that has come out of the right recently:

  • I notice none of you terror loving lefty blogs have spoke about the human rights abuses in Iran. Come on you guys get your panties in a bunch over our troops water boarding of American killing terrorists and nothing on this stuff until you can try and take a cheap shot at the bible.

    Matthew 7:5

    That doesn’t excuse human rights abuses in Iran. Not by a long shot. I have a hard time figuring out how we can speak with any moral authority on this topic. We are a lot better than a lot of places, but have our own beam(s) to worry about first.

  • gab

    Yes, the Old Testament of the bible is outdated, however the New Testament is one of the reasons stoning and such old actions and traditions, like sacrificing animals, aren’t done anymore.

    Also, Bush is not a “king.” Unless a specific name is followed by the word “king” in the Bible, like King David, most likely it is referring to God, who is referred to as the King.

    I don’t think our country should be
    ruled by the church (our Founding Fathers had good reasons to separate church from state) but good morals should be followed by everyone, of any religion or no religion.

  • Xela29

    The credibility of this blog post is in question. May the blogger please grace us with references from the Koran about stoning ? I will save him the time, there aren't any. What some Muslim countries adhere to today, is remnants from Muslims converts from Judaism and Christianity.
    Since many of the early Muslims were people who professed to biblical faiths. The Middle East is the cradle of most Religions, therefore people during the advent of Islam came from other faiths. Naturally when those people accepted the new faith, they will reflect their customs and culture upon it. Just like any idea or ideology. Human nature always prevails. One need only observe Republicans and Democrats in the US quarrel amongst themselves today, how one group sees Obama as the Devil and the other as n Angel.

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