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Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is criticizing NBC for disinviting him from an upcoming Nevada presidential debate, and says he is considering legal action.

This is the third debate in a row from which Dennis has been excluded. When’s he gonna get the hint?

  • Well you could get your self some backup info here…
    Showing how our elections are controlled by the corporate cronies.
    Perhaps feigning your lack of concern for open democracy is your effort trying to spark your ratings?

    Dennis is direct, open and honest. Why do you dis him?

  • I’m not dis-ing dennis dude- i’m just stating the obvious…

    Dennis: you are done for in this presidential race.

    Go home.

    Run your race for congress.

    Stop screwing around in the presidential race.

    Be happy you have wonderful friends like willie nelson and that crazy UFO chick.

    Be happy you have a super-hot English wife.

    Chill out for awhile. You deserve it.

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