From the daily archives: Thursday, January 10, 2008

AT&T is apparently preparing to undertake some non-network-neutral acts.

At a small panel discussion about digital piracy here at NBC?s booth on the Consumer Electronics Show floor, representatives from NBC, Microsoft, several digital filtering companies and telecom giant AT&T said the time was right to start filtering for copyrighted content at the network level.

Such filtering for pirated material already occurs on sites like YouTube and Microsoft?s Soapbox, and on some university networks.

Network-level filtering means your Internet service provider ? Comcast, AT&T, EarthLink, or whoever you send that monthly check to ? could soon start sniffing your digital […]

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More bad news for Charter Schools today.

Roseda Goff, the Former School Superintendent of City Day Community schools in Dayton was sentenced today for blocking a report of suspected child abuse.

I hate to say it- but it really is another example of Charter Schools making really bad choices about their leaders.

The crazy thing about this story is how long it went on- and how much crap had to happen before they eventually fired this women.

Last February the State began investigating City Day schools – specifically a ‘consultant’ hired by Goff- after students made amazing and quite […]

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Remember the Harte Crossroads charter school that used to occupy the top floor of the City Center Mall? The school closed abrubtly last May leaving behind millions in debt and hundreds of students without a school?

Well the dispatch is reporting today that the situation is even worse that originally thought:

$2.66 million could be owed to 188 creditors. Former teachers want to be paid, as do the schools’ vendors and the State Teachers Retirement System. The schools also were behind on rent and apparently hadn’t paid for school lunches. More than $1 million is owed in taxes […]

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