It totally sucks that Mike Skindell (the Democratic state rep from Lakewood) got hit by a car last year while riding his bike.

Thankfully his bike helmet saved his life in that accident. (The last thing we need is to lose another good democratic politician like Mike to something silly like that.) And I totally understand that this traumatic, bike-crashng experience probably changed his life.


But I’m really finding it difficult to support this new law he is proposing to “require cyclists under the age of 17 to strap on a proper bike helmet or face a $25 fine.”

I spent my entire childhood riding my bike without a helmet and without any major injuries. So, in my mind, bike helmets are for kids with disabilities and- with all due respect- sissies (i.e. kids with overly concerned parents).

What do you think?

  • It is gay!

  • #1: It’s a happy law? Weeee! A happy law!!!

    …or is the law homosexual. Maybe we need a constitutional amendment against gay laws now!


  • I just find the idea of cops chasing down unhelmeted, bike-riding kids ridiculous.

    Are they going to follow the kids home and give the parents $25 tickets?

  • Amanda

    I think its ridiculous that you think bike helmets are for sissies. While the idea of a fine might be a little over the top, we should be encouraging EVERYONE to wear helmets. It has been reported that nationwide 1000 people die a year from brain injury that could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. Its irresponsible to make fun in this manner. Children copy adults.

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