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Bike Helmets Are For Sissies

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It totally sucks that Mike Skindell (the Democratic state rep from Lakewood) got hit by a car last year while riding his bike.

Thankfully his bike helmet saved his life in that accident. (The last thing we need is to lose another good democratic politician like Mike to something silly like that.) And I totally understand that this traumatic, bike-crashng experience probably changed his life.


But I’m really finding it difficult to support this new law he is proposing to “require cyclists under the age of 17 to strap on a proper bike helmet or face […]

Full Story... published an interesting article yesterday about how the Youngstown school district has been losing students; 1,726 students in 3 years actually.

Vouchers and charter schools are a big cause of the drop in students- which comes with a drop in funding from the state.

Just last year charter schools sucked $21.6 million from Youngtown’s public schools- forcing the district into fiscal emergency because of its $15 million budget deficit.

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Obama Punks O’Reilly

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Keep it up, guys. Fox deserves to continue to be frozen out.

Bill and iced tea after the break (you will laugh)

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…let’s go change the world

Crazy that his name is Liam. That will be the name of our latest edition in May. 😉 Gonna have to have one of these:

Go Obama! Isha birfday!

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Obama – 7
Edwards – 2
Richardson – 1
Clinton – 0

On the Republican side:

McCain – 5
Romney – 2
Guiliani – 1

I think that was it. LOL. Absurd…and completely meaningless. But fun while I await a server to finish sending email. 😉

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