Fired up?

Ready to go?

If you’ve not heard the story behind that chant, you really should. It’s a classic. I don’t think I’ll tire easily of using this headline. Obama opens up a double digit lead in NH polling. I gave these numbers to some friends via email, but I’ll do so here publicly. Make yours in the comments if so inclined.

Obama 38
Hillz 30
Edwards 20
Richardson ?

McCain 31
Romney 27
Huck 15
Rudy 8

Everybody’s talking change. Funny that. Problem is Barack’s been saying it for what? A year? More? You don’t win elections by parroting what a true leader is saying. So stop already! Some are a bit late to the change game. I don’t think it’s gonna wash that any Republican can be for true “change”. What is their message? “We’re going to fix the disaster our party brought to you?”. Nice. Certainly not someone with the last name Clinton either. Edwards might get away with it and he’s certainly up there in my wish list of presidential leadership, but I’m not sure he doesn’t suffer fatigue (he’s been running for the top two spots for how long?).

For anyone who thinks polls schmolls, you might consider the RCP index, which takes all the major polls and has Obama on top by nearly 8 points. Anything can happen, but the smart money right now has to be on the Senator from Illinois to take a second huge step toward the Democratic nomination.

Obama Bomaye!

Fired up?! Fired up!
Ready to go?! Ready to go!

…let’s go change the world


Not only is Hillary now all of a sudden a “change agent”, but she tried to use “Fired up, Ready to go” in Iowa and ending up getting her ass handed to her:

Hilarity! (pun intended)