Compare and contrast:


delivered a compelling, almost mesmerizing, speech, did not talk about any issue in detail and took no questions. His event lasted just over half an hour.


talked about issue after issue in almost mind-numbing detail and answered question after question in an event that lasted more than an hour and a half.

You campaign on big ideas and you govern on policy specifics. Not to mention most voters don’t care about policy specifics. Name the last time that worked? Find a theme, stick to it, and you win. Finger in the wind message shifting is too easily sniffed out and doesn’t motivate. That’s not to say that you get elected by not saying anything at all and I think eventually you have to present more specifics, but who the hell talks for an hour and a half about policy specifics the day before a big primary?

…and they have the best minds in politics on their staff? Not!

Obama Bomaye!