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Shut Up And Drive

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Finally I have scientific evidence to support my anger at other drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road- or the rest of the poeple on it- because they are busy talking on their cell phones…

Researchers at the University of Utah have found that motorists jabbering on cellphones drive more hesitantly than undistracted drivers and, as a result, are increasing everyone’s average drive time by 5% to 10%.

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Browsing the magazine rack at the airport bookstore I saw Mike Coleman on the cover of Columbus Monthly. The headline read: PERSON OF THE YEAR.

The actual article, written by Dan Williamson, was sufficiently interesting. But I was kind of surprised that he thinks Coleman deserves person-of-the-year status for his “bold and decisive action to seize control” of City Center.

For starters- this wasn’t even Mike’s idea. He did it in response to a challenge (“Mr. Mayor: Tear Down This Mall”) from Bill Todd , the Republican candidate trying to unseat him as Columbus Mayor.

I agree that […]

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