Remember last week when Governor Strickland dissed the Iowa caucuses calling them ‘undemocratic’?

And how Hillary’s people quickly came out with a statement saying she strongly disagreed with Ted on this issue?

Well now that Hillary came in third in Iowa- she seems to be changing her mind.

I saw a clip on the Today show this morning of Hillary talking to New Hampshire voters- basically dismissing the results in Iowa because the process is not representive of the full electorate and not how ‘we run election in America’.

If you ask me, sounds like she’s saying it’s ‘undemocratic’ – which is exactly what Ted said. Anyway, here’s the full quote. You decide:

“so this is going to be a much more representative electorate because we’ve got people who are going to be able to express their opinion in a way that we run elections in America”


Update: Here’s the video: