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The ABC/Facebook NH debate just ended and it looks like facebook users agree with the people of Iowa…

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I know I’ve complained about Cornell McCleary before. In my last post I bitched that ‘WOSU should choose their guests a little more carefully’ after Cornell (?Former Radio Bad Boy?) advertised for his Police Training Academy while on the WOSU show “Columbus On The Record”.

But that was NOTHING compared to his appearance this week on the same show- which has to have been the most embarassing moment for any guest on any show ever! But don’t take my word for it… just watch this short video:

Cornell seems like a really likeable guy- but since he […]

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Facebook Users Choose Ron Paul

On January 5, 2008 By

The ABC/Facebook Republican debate just ended.

I watched it all and tend to agree with most of the facebook users who find Romney a complete fake who needs to ‘shut it’.

Overall- Huckabee did ok; John McCain did better. But the only candidate who really shined was Ron Paul- and Facebook users seem to agree…

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Remember last week when Governor Strickland dissed the Iowa caucuses calling them ‘undemocratic’?

And how Hillary’s people quickly came out with a statement saying she strongly disagreed with Ted on this issue?

Well now that Hillary came in third in Iowa- she seems to be changing her mind.

I saw a clip on the Today show this morning of Hillary talking to New Hampshire voters- basically dismissing the results in Iowa because the process is not representive of the full electorate and not how ‘we run election in America’.

If you ask me, sounds like she’s saying it’s […]

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