According to CNN’s entrance polling in Iowa yesterday the majority of Ron Paul’s support came from 17-29 males who identify themselves as Independent and Angry at the Bush Administration.

Only 13% of total voters claimed to be Independent- but 24% of those voted for Paul. The most of any candidate.

Only 5% of voters said they are ANGRY when describing their “Feelings About Bush Administration”. But of those, 54% voted for Paul. Also the most of any candidate.

But besides being independent and angry- the only other thing that seems to unite Ron Paul supporters is a general disinterest in the important political issues of the day.

Some show a slight interest in the economy but are only mildly interested in the war in Iraq- even though both issues play an important part in Ron Paul’s message.

All of of his supporters seem thoroughly uninterested in Immigration and Terrorism- with the majority rating the events in Pakistan as “Not Important at All”.

So if they don’t care about any of the issues- I guess I wonder what makes them so mad at the Bush administration?

Maybe anger is just a symptom of being a young, independent male.