Though not as tuned in as normal, I did manage to watch some of the Iowa caucus stuff while flipping between it and the Kansas game (rock chalk in-laws wouldn’t let me live it down if I didn’t pull for their Jayhawks). All I can say is: Obama Bomaye!

More – and better – stuff has been written about why Obama is the clear choice for Dems this presidential cycle. I’d point you here as an example. I’ve been a fan of Obama since the 2004 speech. Since his ODP State Dinner move and the resulting up close and personal experience of seeing how he moves people. I think I likened it to a locust swarm around our table. He and Edwards have long been two favorites, but last night made it clear – crystal clear – that Obama is special. He’s got the “it” worth getting behind. The same reason I once drove to Portsmouth, Ohio after having sworn the place off after traveling down to play a rock gig. The same reason why there is a distinct difference between both his message and the fervor of his supporters. Barack has what we need when we need it. A message of hope. A message of unity. A message of change. These are not just some cleverly written and timely realigned messages based on polls and positioning. This is real.

People know it’s real and that’s why he’ll be our next President. He gave the best political speech I have ever heard. Period. It made his 2004 outing at the convention look amateurish – and few could match even that. Obama has grown, refined, and is carrying a message that we should all get behind. I don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, or Rastafarian. What is desperately needed and what is contained within and expressed without Barack Obama is precisely aligned. Those times don’t come often, but we are witnessing it.

There are simply no more arguments against his electability. Iowa crushed that. It’s good to see many Hillary types and establishment Dems getting on board the O-train. Whistle’s blowin’ ya’ll. Come on down!

Obama Bomaye!

For the record, here were my Iowa picks (with actuals in parens):

Obama 32 (38)
Edwards 27 (30)
Clinton 27 (29)

Huckabee 32 (34)
Romney 27 (25)
McCain 15 (13) – with Thompson at 13 as well

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