The Ohio Democratic Party’s blog doesn’t get updated very often, but when it does- the news is usually good. The posts are about positive things the ODP or Ohio Dems are doing.

But State Of The Union, the Ohio GOP Blog, seems to be following the lead of former-RAB blogger Matt Naugle: attack the other party for everything they do.

It’s gotten so bad over at the GOP blog that Ohio Republicans are mentioned at all in the past 10 posts. Democrats, however, are mentioned a lot: 6 posts are about Governor Ted Strickland, 2 about AG Marc Dann and 2 about SOS Jennifer Brunner.

It makes me wonder if maybe Matt left RAB and went to work for State Of The Union.

Anyway- here are the titles of the last 10 posts as proof:

  • Stricken by Strickland
  • Easy stuff ( about Ted Strickland )
  • Republican tax cuts saving you money (about Ted Strickland)
  • Marc Dann is a national embarrassment
  • Didn’t want to let this one slip by… ( about Marc Dann – though they spell it Mark)
  • Fasten your seatbelt. 2008 is here. (about Ted Strickland )
  • Jennifer Brunner wants a bunch of Yes Men
  • The latest from Ted Strickland’s Turnaround Ohio file…
  • Strickland gets “feisty”
  • Brunner’s new voting reforms get roasted