According to an article in today’s Baptist Press, John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute wants to take the National Football League to court because the NFL won’t let churches violate copyright laws for their Super Bowl parties.

In short: copyright laws forbid anyone from showing NFL content, like the super bowl, on screen larger than 55 inches. And the laws forbid people or groups- including churches- from charging people to see televised programming produced and broadcast by the NFL.

For some reason John Whitehead thinks churches- organizations that already get out of paying taxes- should be able to break federal copyright laws. He also thinks that the NFL’s insistence that churches should follow the law is wrong- and it “ought to offend Christians.”

But that shouldn’t surprise us. John Whitehead has a long history of crap like this…

For example, you may remember Mr. Whitehead and his conservative Rutherford Institute from such worthless causes as the Paula Jones lawsuit against Bill Clinton as well as his/their many attempts to stop condom distribution in public schools.

His latest worthless cause, however, seems to be a lot harder to sell. Supposedly John is “aching to take the National Football League to court” but he needs a church willing to take on the NFL. And so far, he’s been unable to find one.

Maybe it’s because Churches have better things to do than sue the NFL.

Maybe it’s because John Whitehead doesn’t.