I’m really getting sick of hearing the wingnuts claim that Democrats are anti-military and weak on defense.

The fact is: Democrats are much better at diplomacy and are more willing to work out a peaceful solution to our differences with other countries. Democrats take war seriously and personally. Democrats don’t put American troops in harm’s way unless the cause is righteous and noble and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

And Democrats don’t go to war unless the action has overwhelming support from our allies – and I’m not talking about some half-assed “coalition of the willing” crap with the hundreds of thousands of US troops accompanied by 60 soldiers from Slovakia.

When Democrats DO go to war- they do it right and they do with international support and, as the following overview of recent US wars shows, the US tends to win.

US President: Woodrow Wilson – Democrat
Length: 2 years
Outcome: Allies Win – Germany Surrenders to Wilson

World War II
US Presidents: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman – Democrat
Length: 4 Years
Outcome: Allies Win – Germany surrenders to Roosevelt, and Japan Surrenders to Truman

US Presidents: Harry S. Truman (Democrat) and Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican)
Length: 3 Years
Outcome: Tie – Korea Divided at the 38th parallel

US Presidents: Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat), Richard Nixon (Republican), Gerald Ford (Republican)
Length: 10 Years
Outcome: US Defeat – Ford withdraws troops and Saigon falls to the communist forces of North Vietnam

US President: George W Bush
Length: 5+ Years
Outcome: No End In Sight