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History of Presidential Primaries

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Congressional Quarterly has been running an interesting online series about the history of U.S. Presidential Primaries. They posted Part 6 today covering the 1996 primaries- probably one of the first primaries that I actually remember following.

Then-president Bill Clinton was, of course, the Democrat’s presidential candidate so the Dems were able to avoid a primary. But the Republicans had just won back the House and the Senate in 1994 with their “Contract with America”- so the win was certainly not guaranteed for Clinton. Actually- it was looking pretty good for the GOP in 1996.

You can read more about […]

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Bush Screws Troops Again

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The White House announced today that Bush will veto the fiscal 2008 defense authorization bill that passed the Senate with bipartisan support at 90-3.

Bush is going to veto the bill because the Iraqi government didn’t like a provision it contains- a provision intended to ensure that “victims of state-sponsored terrorism their day in court”

By vetoing the bill the president is also delaying a 3.5 percent pay raise and other benefit improvements for the troops.

It looks like Bush has made his loyalties and priorities clear: it is more important to protect his friends from lawsuits than […]

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Democrats and War

On December 28, 2007 By

I’m really getting sick of hearing the wingnuts claim that Democrats are anti-military and weak on defense.

The fact is: Democrats are much better at diplomacy and are more willing to work out a peaceful solution to our differences with other countries. Democrats take war seriously and personally. Democrats don’t put American troops in harm’s way unless the cause is righteous and noble and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

And Democrats don’t go to war unless the action has overwhelming support from our allies – and I’m not talking about some half-assed “coalition of the willing” crap with the hundreds of thousands […]

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