Last week I read another horror story about selfish charter school operators screwing Ohio’s children.

This time it’s the A. B. Miree Fundamental Academy – a charter school in Cincinnati, OH that might not re-open after the winter break because “the school?s founders are trying to evict the school from its building.

The founders, Alfred and Pauline Olverson, say the school owes them $150K for ?hold-over fees? – and if they don’t get paid then the kids are out in the cold.

Back in 2000, after starting the charter school, Alfred Olverson
that he intended to profit from the charter- and that is exactly what he has done.

According to a lawyer for the school, the school is out of money because of
?concealed, related-parties transactions? associated with contracts the school signed with Olverson-owned companies back when Alfred was a member of the school?s board. These contracts led to ?excessive rents? and ?contractual services at an abusive rate.?

These contracts include handling of the school’s insurance by Olverson’s insurance agency as well as a custodial and property maintenance contract with a company Alfred co-owns with his son.

How many examples do we need to see before we start realizing that schools are for teaching our kids- not for making a profit?