tiara2612_228?3151.jpgThis story about Cincinnati got national attention today:

The architect designing what could be Cincinnati’s tallest building wants to top it off with an arching crown inspired by Princess Diana.

And all I can think is: REALLY? Princess Diana? Am I the only one who doesn’t like this women? She embarrased the royal family and herself with her loveless, gold-digging marriage, her sleezy affairs and her horrible, horrible haircut! Yet everyone seems to love and adore her now that she’s dead. I don’t get it.

Anyway- the architect of the building in Cincinnati supposedly loved the idea of using her tiara on his building: “That’s perfect”, he said “Here we have the crown of the building, and the nickname for the city is Queen City.”

This is totally ridiculous for SO MANY REASONS but mainly because Diania was never the queen. She was the princess of wales. The idea might work if Cincinnati was the Pricess Of Wales city- but it’s not. It’s the Queen City.

But if you do want to use the whole Queen City thing as your motivation- then why not top the building with a replica of Freddie Mercury’s mustache…


Or the wart-covered nose of the evil queen from Snow White…


Anything would be better than Diana’s tiara.

  • Lea

    I am so with u on this one! So make it two people who cant stand this sleezy woman and I really luv the idea of the warty nose. Great work!Lea

  • Ok, I don’t hate Princess Diana.

    But that’ pretty stupid.

  • Lea- I’m working on a non-artist’s rendering the building with a big wart-nose on top.

    But Oh Dave… get with the program.


  • The woman represents the worst wretched excess of the English aristocracy. Building ANYTHING in her memory is idiotic… except maybe a drive through. This would be like building a memorial to Paris Hilton.

  • I wouldn’t go that far, Marty.

    Diana never let ‘the weasel’ rub her private parts- as far as I know…


  • Lea

    Oh my that is a really icky photo, bring on the evil queen from snow white lol

  • Carol

    No, you’re not the only one. I don’t like her either. I think people love her too much, I mean, sure she was a great person, a humanitarian, but there’s HUNDREDS of people who donate millions to those causes and stuff and they do it anonymosly. Just because she was famous doesn’t make her more important than the others. That’s what I think. i don’t hate her, I hate the fact that people love her that much.

  • Ross

    Landmines are banned now because of her involvment in the campaign. So no, that’s not a bad idea.

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