The Mansfield News Journal published a bullshit opinion piece today titled Strickland not a man of integrity. It starts like this:

When George Voinovich took office in January 1991, many Republicans were awaiting the firing of Democrats who were employed by the State of Ohio. Gov. Voinovich, being a man of integrity and honor, chose to let Democrats remain in their jobs.

The piece was written by someone named M. Joan Douglass – a long time Republican contributor– so we can assume it’s biased.

But more than that- it’s completely untrue.

According to a Dispatch article (“DEMOCRATS TRY TO FIND WHY WORKERS ARE LAID OFF”) published December 12, 1991, Ohio’s House Select Committee on State Employment Practices actually investigated the Voinovich administration believing that he “skirted the law in pushing state jobs toward loyal Republicans at the expense of veteran Democratic employees.”

If you ask me- M. Joan Douglass and the Journal both lack integrity for writing and publishing lies like this.