Ah, the innocence of the mid-60’s. It’s too bad nobody in the current administration ever watched The Andy Griffith Show.

  • Brian,

    You stupid fucking Libertarian Hippy Beer swilling PlunderDUMB blogger. This is so pre-911 as to be stone aged. We are living in different times now where we MUST eavesdrop and torture people in order to save the Amurican Way! Jesus H. Christ you are one naive sunvabitch!

  • Bah, the law’s changed a bit since Andy Griffin was around. If Opie wasn’t a governmental actor (which he certainly doesn’t appear to be) and if he didn’t work at the governmen’t behest, the tape is admissible. The 4th only applies to state actors, not those working in what they believe is the state’s interests, alone.

    Modern? Where ya at.

  • See Brian? You stupid naive lefty. It’s LEGAL! Andy don’t know shit! This is the post-911 era. There is no basis for inadmissibility because Opie is not a government actor! You dumb twit. Study the LAW! The laws has changeded since innocent mid-60s.

    We gots to protect Amurica! Even moderate lefties and their lawyer friends say so! Ya putz.

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