From the daily archives: Friday, December 14, 2007

OK, so this isn’t exactly what you traditionally see here. But it’s still worth sharing.

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Everybody loves Huck!

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Did you know gay sex is a relatively new phenomenon in human history? Mike Huckabee sets the record straight.

The governor regards 1968 as the dawning of ??the age of the birth-control pill, free love, gay sex, the drug culture and reckless disregard for standards.??

Apparently the Greeks and Romans didn’t have widespread gay sex. Who knew? (Huck.) You learn something new every day!

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From MediaMatters:

You know, the Gore-leone crime family is now the number one crime family in the world, when you think about it. He’s about to pull off the biggest scam in the history of the world. It’s bigger than any bank heist, bigger than any drug deal. It’s bigger than any counterfeiting scheme, and he’s doing it all nice and natural with a little help from the socialist perverts in Norway, who gave him a Nobel Prize. Why do I call them socialist perverts? Answer: because they are. By and large, 90 percent of the people on the […]

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Not All Bad News For Marc Dann

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Finally we get some positive news coming out of the Attorney General’s office…

Yesterday Marc Dann officially unveiled AG4OHIO- “a new consumer-complaint Web site and telephone system combining previously separate hot lines and providing easier access to Ohioans.”

According to Dann it used to take 38 days to process and resolve consumer claims. With the new, consolidated “help center” the AG’s office will be able to resolve claims in about 8 days.

Dann seems to determined to get past his recent “lows” and determined to prove that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor…

According to Gongwer


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I’m really not surprised that the ridiculous ultrasound/abortion bill actually passed in the Republican-controlled House yesterday.

But I am shocked that it received so much support from the Dems.

The bill, sponsored by Republican Shannon Jones, forces doctors to:

(A) Provide the pregnant woman receiving the abortion the opportunity to view the active ultrasound image of the embryo or fetus;

(B) Offer to provide the pregnant woman with a physical picture of the ultrasound image of the embryo or fetus.

According to Jones the new requirements allow women to “make a more informed decision” because […]

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ProgressOhio is taking votes for Ohio’s Grinch of the Year- so head over and cast your vote.

My personal choice is Phil Burress– a guy with all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile…

PHIL BURRESS: A number of nominations poured in for Citizens For Community Values leader and self-admitted porn-addict Phil Burress for his anti-porn crusade. He who led the passage of 2004’s Gay Marriage Amendment sidetracked Ohio’s political landscape from talking about jobs, education and healthcare ? and instead turned it into a debate on how to impose Phil Burress’ morality on the rest of Ohio’s […]

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