One of the problems with being the party in power is that the other party can blame you for everything that goes wrong.

So it is with the Rolls-Royce engine factory that isn’t coming to Ohio.

The Ohio GOP Blog and Scott Pullins both try to blame Strickland/Fisher for letting the deal “slip away”- which is pretty ridiculous.

According to the PD, Rolls-Royce chose to locate the plant in Virginia because of that state’s “strong education system.”

If you wanna start blaming someone for that- maybe start with the Republicans who have been leading Ohio for the past 15 years.

But I’m pretty sure our less-strong education system is not the real reason Rolls didn’t choose Ohio- and Scott agrees.

Scott believes is has more to do with “taxes, regulations, closeness to DC, and Virginia’s right to work status.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about the location of our state. But if we need to blame someone for the taxes and regulations in Ohio then, again, we should be blaming our REPUBLICAN lawmakers- the ones who actually make those decisions- not the Democratic Governor and Lt Governor (even if Lee is in charge of the DOD).

I understand that Scott has a personal interest in this missed-opportunity because it would have brought jobs and investment to his hometown of Mount Vernon.

But if it’s true that MV has been losing high paying jobs for “going on fifteen years” – then I’d take a look at who has been running the show during all of that time- the Republicans- and start placing some of the blame where it belongs.