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What Would Jesus Buy?

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Regulation begets innovation

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An oft-repeated claim of the right is that government regulation of private industry stifles innovation, and it has a certain ring of truthiness to it. But, as with most things truthy, the truth often doesn’t play along.

Sulfur Dioxide pollution has significant externalities – acid rain, which often presents itself far far away from the site of the polluter. In this instance, regulation made this hidden cost effectively a real cost to the polluter – and so they innovated in the field of SO2 emissions reduction to figure out how to avoid the costs associated with SO2 pollution. […]

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One of the problems with being the party in power is that the other party can blame you for everything that goes wrong.

So it is with the Rolls-Royce engine factory that isn’t coming to Ohio.

The Ohio GOP Blog and Scott Pullins both try to blame Strickland/Fisher for letting the deal “slip away”- which is pretty ridiculous.

According to the PD, Rolls-Royce chose to locate the plant in Virginia because of that state’s “strong education system.”

If you wanna start blaming someone for that- maybe start with the Republicans who have been leading Ohio for the […]

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Ron Paul’s Big Weekend

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Google recently announced that Ron Paul is the most-searched presidential candidate of 2007.

Sure he’s only polling at about 4% in swing states like Ohio- but all of that might be about to change when his campaign finally reveals…


The Blimp’s inaugural launch is scheduled for tomorrow morning- just in time for this weekend’s Ron Paul Tea Party ’07. The goal is to raise $10,000,000 in “the largest one-day political donation event in history”.

Ten Million bucks certainly should be enough money to keep his campaign going through […]

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NEW YORK (CNN) — A Muslim man jumped to the aid of three Jewish subway riders after they were attacked by a group of young people who objected to one of the Jews saying “Happy Hanukkah,” a spokeswoman for the three said Wednesday.

“A Muslim-American saved us when our own people were on the train and didn’t do anything,” Adler said.

…might want to rethink and widen that whole “our own people” thing. 😉

I guess All?hu Akbar afterall.

(ht Jeff Hess)

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