Thank GOD Dobson and his pals at FOTF are around to protect Chrismas from evil, anti-Christmas companies like Ebay, Staples and, of course, Disney Store!

Their list of “good, bad and ugly” companies is “designed to equip citizens to express their feedback (both positive and negative) to retailers concerning their Christmas advertising approaches.”

“Good” Companies Include…
American Eagle Outfitters
Bath and Body Works
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Big Lots
Hobby Lobby

“Bad” Companies Include:
Ace Hardware
Best Buy
The Gap

“Ugly” Companies Include:
Banana Republic
Barnes & Noble
Circuit City
Dick?s Sporting Goods
Disney Store
Eddie Bauer
Lane Bryant

Plunderbund recommends that its readers limit holiday shopping to the last two categories.

** Had I known this earlier I wouldn’t have bought so many gifts from Amazon.

  • People… you must look at the PDF file. I LOLed at “The Bad (only token references to Christmas)”. Apparently, if you don’t have a company-wide policy that “pimps” Christmas, Christians shouldn’t acquire material goods at your store!

    Actually B&N’s webpage says in big bold letters at the top “Get Free Delivery By Christmas”. I guess the fact that the next line says “Our Holiday Picks” means that they “censor Christmas” and belong on the “Ugly” list.

    This whole “War on Christmas” hullabaloo from the right is hilarious. I’m laughing at your pathetically insecure selves. I mean, atheists aren’t making a stink that stores are calling it “the holidays” instead of “winter solstice”. Jews aren’t complaining that everything in sight isn’t plastered with “Hanukkah” greetings.

    Get a grip. Seriously.

  • Shalom Joseph,

    Or better yet. Don’t shop at any of them and instead patronize small, local businesses that keep the money in your community.



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  • dick click

    I have found that Elder Beerman stores, owned by Bon Ton have told their emplyees not to mention Christmas. I could not find any store decoration with the word Christmas on it.

  • I’ve never heard of Elder Beerman, but they do seems to have a lot of stores in Ohio– mostly in smaller towns.

    I guess I’ll have to check them out!

  • Elder Beerman’s is to my Christmas Past what Goldblatts was to Ralphie’s.

  • Ralphie from Christmas Story?

    I’m pretty sure he went to Higbees – it was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio after all.

    I just looked it up – it WAS Higbees.

    But I know what you mean.

    I don’t really have a specific department store that reminds me of Christmas- we just went to “the mall”.

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