Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, had this to say about the shootings at two Colorado churches on Sunday (transcribed from Countdown):

It is hard not to draw a line between the hostility that is being fomented in our culture from some in the secular media towards Christians and Evangelicals in particular, and the acts of violence that took place in Colorado Sunday. But I will say no more for now other than that our friends at New Life Church and YWAM are in our thoughts and prayers.

So… a kid gets kicked out of a missionary program, holds a grudge, shoots up the church, and it’s the fault of the “secular media”? Boy, that makes perfect sense. It’s absolutely astounding how a group that makes up 81% of the population can cry so much about how they only make up 81% and that the other 19% has the temerity to stand up for their own right to freedom of religion.

Tony – nobody cares that you are Christian. If you want your kids to believe in Creationism, God, whatever – that’s fine. That’s your right. Just quit claiming anti-Christian “hostility” when we decline to allow you to use tax dollars to push your religious beliefs on other people. Gah.

As for the kid and the shootings – like all cases when someone who realistically shouldn’t have access to firearms manages to procure one and then proceeds to use it in a violent manner towards others – it’s tragic. Regardless of who his victims were.

Aside – apparently there is a widely underreported rash of anti-Christian arsons out there. Note to wingnuts; just because a gay man is beat up, that doesn’t make it a hate crime. Just because a church is set fire, that doesn’t make it a hate crime. You have to show that the church was chosen specifically because it’s a church, because the perp hates that particular religion – not because it happens to be an easy target for a fire-obsessed person. You may also wish to note that some of the more prominent church arsons in the last decade or so were perpetrated by the KKK – nominally white Christians – against black Christians; a racially motivated hate crime. Finally, you need to take into account the fact that 100 churches a year, even if they actually are “hate crime” arsons, add up to a minuscule fraction of the number of churches out there. I suspect that the percentage of mosques subject to arson is substantially higher, tho admittedly the numbers of religious structures of any faith subject to arson are difficult to find.

We must all work for an America where violence has no place and people are not targeted for acts of hate because of their skin color, religious beliefs or gender. However, we must begin to recognize that the most serious problem regarding violent hate crimes America concerns churches and Christians.

Agree wholeheartedly with the first statement. Find the 2nd a little outrageous. The rate of violence perpetrated against homosexuals dramatically outstrips the rate of violence against Christians. The hate crime rate against Jewish people is thru the roof.

To people like Patrick Mahoney and Tony Perkins, I have only this to say: stop being such a girl and hike up your skirts. (No offense to the female readers of this blog, or anyone else who wears a skirt: I’ve had my eye on a dashing kilt for quite a while now.)

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