On Sunday, Vindy.com ran multiple stories about Marc Dann- our loveable Attorney General.

The first was just a list of Dann’s many Highs and Lows – and boy did he have a lot of each.

Ohio’s politcal blogs on both sides tend to focus mostly on the lows (e.g. his SUV, his ‘go fuck yourself’ comment to a reporter and, of course, the email in which he said “Jesus had it better on Good Friday”) – but as this list shows, he had plenty of Highs as well…

  • Dann revived an investigation in February of Marsh & McLennan, a major insurance broker, accused of violating the state’s antitrust laws.
  • He negotiated a settlement with AOL/Time-Warner in March to pay the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and five state pension funds $144 million to settle a securities fraud case.
  • Dann fought to bar New Century Financial Corp., a company he accused of being a predatory lender, from operating in Ohio. The company agreed to stop foreclosure payments in March pending reviews by Dann’s office and the Department of Commerce’s Division of Financial Institutions.
  • Along with attorneys general from seven other states, Dann sent a letter in May to MySpace asking for the names and states of all registered sex offenders with profiles on the Web site. After originally refusing the request, MySpace complied later that month.
  • Dann sued 10 mortgage companies in June accusing them of pressuring real estate appraisers to inflate home values.
  • He received a law enforcement award from the Humane Society of the United States in October for his involvement in breaking up a dogfighting operation in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas.
  • He issued subpoenas in November to obtain records from subprime mortgage lenders, who give adjustable-rate loans to those with poor credit.

I noticed they forget to mention his complaints/cases against failing charter schools… one of my favorites.

The second Vindy.com article is basically just an overview of all of the silly stuff Marc and his staffers have written in emails to each other.

Nothing too surprising here… Marc Dann uses profanity in his emails just like in real life, Marc Dann calls his co-workers “weird” and Marc Dann has a Google alert set up to email him at his private Yahoo mail account “anytime his name is mentioned on a blog. ” (Hi Marc!)