Update: Word I’m getting is that the polling is for real. Don’t think it’s a GOP ploy to wake up the sleeping masses in the district who were all lulled by the infighting. This one could get real interesting with turnout. Appears absentee will be tight, but Weirauch’s ground game is clearly on top at this point. NRCC pumping 16% of cash on hand into this? Bussing in people in RVs? In a safe district? Somebody scream uncle!

This is either great news or a desperate plea to scare GOPers into getting out in the cold rain to vote tomorrow:

But a poll conducted for Latta?s campaign last week showed him trailing Weirauch by four points, according to a GOP operative.

Anyone following this OH05 race? Anyone at all? LOL. The meltdown in a Democrat win here will be massive! Huge. Ginormous! Especially for certain GOP bloggers who sat on their hands for so long. Most notably “Ohio’s most popular and influential Republican website”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

See BSB. See ODB.