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Update: Word I’m getting is that the polling is for real. Don’t think it’s a GOP ploy to wake up the sleeping masses in the district who were all lulled by the infighting. This one could get real interesting with turnout. Appears absentee will be tight, but Weirauch’s ground game is clearly on top at this point. NRCC pumping 16% of cash on hand into this? Bussing in people in RVs? In a safe district? Somebody scream uncle!

This is either great news or a desperate plea to scare GOPers into getting out in the cold rain to vote […]

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Ok.. so this is one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a while.

This video is set to the song Amazing Grace- the Christian hymn most often associated with “supporters of freedom and human rights.”

But the message of this video is the exact opposite.

According to the video, the only way to save Dayton, OH from the scourge of drugs is the get the National Guard to go door-to-door, round up all of the drug users and drug dealers and “Take Away Their Civil Liberties”.

The drug dealers will be locked up forever. And the drug […]

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On Sunday, ran multiple stories about Marc Dann- our loveable Attorney General.

The first was just a list of Dann’s many Highs and Lows – and boy did he have a lot of each.

Ohio’s politcal blogs on both sides tend to focus mostly on the lows (e.g. his SUV, his ‘go fuck yourself’ comment to a reporter and, of course, the email in which he said “Jesus had it better on Good Friday”) – but as this list shows, he had plenty of Highs as well…

Dann revived an investigation in February of Marsh & McLennan, a […]

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Quit Whining About Taxes

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Time ran a piece on Thursday titled Tax Cuts Don’t Boost Revenues. The article makes two big statements about taxes in the US:

1. “If there’s one thing that Republican politicians agree on, it’s that slashing taxes brings the government more money.”


2. “If there’s one thing that economists agree on, it’s that these claims are false.”

The righty bloggers are whining, of course, about the facts being wrong and how the article misquotes some economist, etc.

Then again- they are ALWAYS whining about taxes being too high- and I’m really not sure why.

Compared to […]

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