CNN – known as the “Clinton News Network” to wingnuts, because they are so “liberal” – has dropped a “speculative documentary” that was set to air next week because of the new NIE that pointed out that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program 4 years ago.

The latest National Intelligence Estimate concluding that Iran discontinued its nuclear weapons program four years ago has claimed one casualty: CNN has postponed speculative documentary “We Were Warned — Iran Goes Nuclear.”

The two-hour spec, which was slated for Dec. 12 under the “CNN Presents” banner, was “set partially in the future,” featuring a what-if scenario as former government officials — playing fictional cabinet members — debate how to deal with the Iranian threat.

So, the “liberal media” was preparing to air a bit of speculative fiction about a bellicose nuclear Iran? On a news network? That hardly seems “liberal” to me. Of course, wingnuts will undoubtedly claim that the fact that the program was scrapped (a week before air) is evidence that the media is liberal, ignoring the fact that (a) they were going to air it in the first place, and (b) that the NIE made it completely silly to do so.

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