I have to admit that, lately, I started to like Mike Huckabee.

Part of this comes from the hope that he might be able to wrestle the nomination away from Giuliani- the one GOP candidate I think could beat us in the general election.

And part of it comes from this belief/impression that he’s actually an honest, straight-talking guy.

Even after reading Brian’s post about Huckabee’s push polling, I still found myself agreeing with my conservative Christian co-workers who are all starting to rally around Governor Mike. I found myself saying: sure he’s a social conservative, but he’s not “mean about it” like the other guys.

Then, earlier this week, I read a post by Katha Pollitt over at The Nation titled:

Left-Leaning Male Pundits Heart Huckabee

Holy Crap! (thought I… ) Could she be talking about ME?

It turns out she is… Or should I say- was.

It’s a great post and really made me re-think my whole “huckabee’s not that bad” attitude.

It starts like this:

Have you noticed how liberal white male reporters get crushes on right-wing male candidates? For years John McCain had Democratic and even left men swooning at his feet–a straight talker! A war hero! He’s cool and macho, and he’ll invite you over for barbecue! Never mind that McCain was basically a militaristic reactionary with occasional twinges of sanity.

This time round, the so-called-liberal-media men’s Republican sweetheart is Mike Huckabee. He plays the bass guitar! He cares! He’s not a total maniac like the other evangelical Christians even though he doesn’t believe in evolution and probably thinks you’re going to Hell!

Funny stuff, to be sure. But, it turns out, she’s right- damn her!

Or should I say: was.