Yeah, no joke.

If you’re planning to vote in Virginia’s February Republican presidential primary, be prepared to sign an oath swearing your Republican loyalty.

The State Board of Elections on Monday approved a state Republican Party request to require all who apply for a GOP primary ballot first vow in writing that they’ll vote for the party’s presidential nominee next fall.

I can’t imagine this would survive a court challenge.

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  • redhorse

    thought I’d read the VA GOP had backed off this. Too lazy to look for it now though.

  • Yep- because the unscrupulous people who would pretend to be a Republican to vote in the GOP primary would NEVER sign some sort of silly oath.

  • This makes me actually WANT to vote in the Republican primary just to sign the silly oath (with my fingers crossed behind my back!). I do live in Virginia…and if the Dem’s candidate has already been decided by then…hmmm…

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