From the daily archives: Friday, December 7, 2007

Yeah, no joke.

If you’re planning to vote in Virginia’s February Republican presidential primary, be prepared to sign an oath swearing your Republican loyalty.

The State Board of Elections on Monday approved a state Republican Party request to require all who apply for a GOP primary ballot first vow in writing that they’ll vote for the party’s presidential nominee next fall.

I can’t imagine this would survive a court challenge.

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CNN – known as the “Clinton News Network” to wingnuts, because they are so “liberal” – has dropped a “speculative documentary” that was set to air next week because of the new NIE that pointed out that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program 4 years ago.

The latest National Intelligence Estimate concluding that Iran discontinued its nuclear weapons program four years ago has claimed one casualty: CNN has postponed speculative documentary “We Were Warned — Iran Goes Nuclear.”

The two-hour spec, which was slated for Dec. 12 under the “CNN Presents” banner, was “set partially in the future,” featuring […]

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I Used To Heart Huckabee

On December 7, 2007 By

I have to admit that, lately, I started to like Mike Huckabee.

Part of this comes from the hope that he might be able to wrestle the nomination away from Giuliani- the one GOP candidate I think could beat us in the general election.

And part of it comes from this belief/impression that he’s actually an honest, straight-talking guy.

Even after reading Brian’s post about Huckabee’s push polling, I still found myself agreeing with my conservative Christian co-workers who are all starting to rally around Governor Mike. I found myself saying: sure he’s a social conservative, but he’s not […]

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Ohio ?ber Alles

On December 7, 2007 By

I just added a new Ohio ‘political’ blog to my blog reader: Ohio Republic Blog.

According to the author:

The purpose of this blog is to advocate the peaceful, legal independence of Ohio from the United States of America.


An Ohio Secession blog! That’s Brilliant!

The author, Harold Thomas, lives in Columbus, Ohio and, according to the blog, is looking for writers to help out.

So if you believe Ohio should break off from the US and become its own nation I highly recommend you contact Mr. Thomas.

Personally, I haven’t quite given up […]

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Summary of the GOP field

On December 7, 2007 By

TPM has put together a 3.5 minute summary of what the GOP candidates have to offer, in their own words. For the busy working class hero who doesn’t have time to read all the position papers.

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