A good friend of mine met President Bush once in Cleveland. He said that after greeting him with a handshake, ol’ George used a towelette from one of his staffers to wipe off his hand and proceeded to do this following each additional handshake.

Now I do understand there there is some concern for the president’s safety- especially after President Palmer nearly died from a toxic handshake in season 2 of 24.

However, one might also conclude that Mr. Bush is just kind of a wimp. He’s afraid of horses, he was afraid to go war, and it now seems that he is really afraid of getting sick.

As further proof of his fear of illness, I present these comments made by Bush to CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley at a recent White House press conference.

“What I’m not gonna miss, which is what we all, some of us went through in 2000, which was getting on an airplane and having my friend Candy Crowley pass a virus around.”

Afraid his comments about Ms. Crowley might have come across as rude, Bush followed up with: “I’m not dissing Candy. I said ‘my friend!'”

Crowley later responded: “Now this is a guy who can hold a grudge.”