In his latest ridiculous rant over at Ken Blackwell tries to repackage his racist, anti-immigrant agenda (aka “if you don’t speak the language get out of the country!”) as a “Gift” to less-fortunate, non-english-speaking workers in US.

A gift? A fucking GIFT? Seriously?

It’s bad enough that Blackwell and his kind feel the need to force their will on everyone that is unlike them (women, gays, immigrants) – but to try to package it up as “a gift”?

Who believes shit like that?

Note to Ken Blackwell:

  • It is NOT a gift to same-sex couples that they can’t enjoy the same rights as opposite-sex couples.
  • It is NOT a gift to women when the government controls their reproductive rights.
  • And it is NOT a gift to workers when the government forces them to learn English or lose their jobs.

If you really want people to “soar on eagle wings to capture the fullest measure of the American dream” then you will package up all of your hate-filled gifts, put a pretty little bow on them, and shove them up your ass.