From the daily archives: Thursday, December 6, 2007

You gotta love Fox News for unbiased, fair-and-balanced reporting like this:

Gennifer Flowers Among Undecided Voters Considering Voting for Hillary Clinton

The one-time other woman in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s life says she’s considering casting her vote for the former first lady.

“I can’t help but want to support my own gender, and she’s as experienced as any of the others ? except maybe Joe Biden,” Gennifer Flowers said in a recent telephone interview from her home in Las Vegas.

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Do they know it’s Hanukkah?

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I just read an excellent article in Christianity Today about the “Merry Christmas” v “Happy Holidays” flap. One hard-core Christianists who rail against “Happy Holidays” might do well to read.

But since 2005, when the “war on Christmas” reached a fever pitch, some organizations and many individual Christians have put more emphasis on the season’s greeting. At the grocery store last year, I was surprised by the indignation of a fellow shopper when the clerk wished her “Happy Holidays.” The woman glowered for a moment, then responded, without a hint of merriment, “Merry Christmas.”

Apparently she wasn’t alone. One […]

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Joseph ranted about the latest Ken Blackwell nonsense this morning, but I feel compelled to reply as well. This one is all about how the poor little Salvation Army is being sued for discriminating against employees who weren’t fluent in English, when in fact, by practicing discriminatory hiring practices they are allegedly doing immigrants a favor!

Well, [Gomer Pyle] suprise-suprise-surprise! [/Gomer Pyle], Ken neglected to mention a few important things.

?Under Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC?s) guidelines, an English-only rule violates the law unless the employer can provide a legitimate business justification for forcing employees to stop […]

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Eric just forwarded me a letter he got from the Obama campaign asking people on their mailing list to help out in Ohio’s 5th District special election next week!

To help Robin Weirauch beat Bob Latta and take back this seat for Dems, Barack Obama’s team suggests you:

— Call Obama supporters in the 5th District to remind them to vote, and ask them to volunteer locally:

— Donate to Robin Weirauch’s campaign via

— Volunteer to contact voters in the district as part of the campaign’s virtual phone bank from across Ohio; to participate, send […]

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A good friend of mine met President Bush once in Cleveland. He said that after greeting him with a handshake, ol’ George used a towelette from one of his staffers to wipe off his hand and proceeded to do this following each additional handshake.

Now I do understand there there is some concern for the president’s safety- especially after President Palmer nearly died from a toxic handshake in season 2 of 24.

However, one might also conclude that Mr. Bush is just kind of a wimp. He’s afraid of horses, he was afraid to go war, and it now seems […]

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Teen pregnancy on the rise

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AP, via MSNBC:

In a troubling reversal, the nation?s teen birth rate rose for the first time in 15 years, surprising government health officials who had no immediate explanation.

The birth rate had been dropping since its peak in 1991, although the decline had slowed in recent years. On Wednesday, government statisticians said it rose 3 percent from 2005 to 2006.

[S]everal experts said they have been expecting a jump. They blame the increase on increased federal funding for abstinence-only health education programs that do not teach how to use condoms and other contraception.

Some key sexually transmitted disease […]

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Ken Blackwell’s Gift of Hate

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In his latest ridiculous rant over at Ken Blackwell tries to repackage his racist, anti-immigrant agenda (aka “if you don’t speak the language get out of the country!”) as a “Gift” to less-fortunate, non-english-speaking workers in US.

A gift? A fucking GIFT? Seriously?

It’s bad enough that Blackwell and his kind feel the need to force their will on everyone that is unlike them (women, gays, immigrants) – but to try to package it up as “a gift”?

Who believes shit like that?

Note to Ken Blackwell:

It is NOT a gift to same-sex couples that they […]

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