The Clinton campaign posted a new ad up on YouTube today featuring General Wesley Clark dismissing attacks against Hillary and saying “he trusts her to deal with the many challenges that America faces around the world”.

I haven’t really thought about it before, but I suppose if Hillary announced Clark was going to be her running mate, I might actually start thinking about supporting her.

  • That makes one of us. I think Hillz could announce Henry Rollins as her VP and I’d still be inclined to take a pass, and that’s sayin’ something!

  • I’m a huge Clark fan. If he throws in with Clinton… well, Obama would still be my guy in the primary, but I think I’d be more comfortable with her in the general election than I would be otherwise.

    Realistically, the GOP candidates are all so terrible that in every permutation of GOP candidate v Dem candidate I come down without hesitation on the side of the Dem candidate, save one. And that one’s more of a “oh, I don’t know” kind of thing. This might effect that.

  • Clinton/Rollins Bumper Sticker:


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