Last week Barbara Sykes refused Gov. Strickand’s request to delay JCARR hearings on an OCRC plan to give women 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

Yesterday, as predicted, the plan was shot down by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

Well NOW it turns out that her appointment as chair of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission still needs to be approved by the Senate- and Strickland seems to be pulling his support for her appointment.

According to Gongwer:

Asked toward the end of the interview if he thought Ms. Sykes would ultimately be confirmed by the Senate, Mr. Strickland looked at his watch and stated: “We’re out of time.”

Strickland spokesman Keith Dailey said Tuesday the governor believes the Senate should “work its will” in the matter. He said Gov Strickland “is not inclined” to support the confirmation of Ms. Sykes’s appointment.