From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So Long Sykes?

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Last week Barbara Sykes refused Gov. Strickand’s request to delay JCARR hearings on an OCRC plan to give women 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

Yesterday, as predicted, the plan was shot down by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

Well NOW it turns out that her appointment as chair of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission still needs to be approved by the Senate- and Strickland seems to be pulling his support for her appointment.

According to Gongwer:

Asked toward the end of the interview if he thought Ms. Sykes would ultimately be confirmed by the […]

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Israeli PM is… anti-Jew?

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Since those of us who say a two-state solution to the Israel/Palestine problem is necessary and a moral mandate are often accused of being anti-Semites by the far right, I wonder how wingnuts reconcile this statement by Ehud Olmert into their worldview.

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said failure to negotiate a two-state solution with the Palestinians would spell the end of the State of Israel.

He warned of a “South African-style struggle” which Israel would lose if a Palestinian state was not established.

They’ll probably just say that Mr. Olmert is living in the same bubble […]

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Dick Cheney Mug Shot

On December 4, 2007 By

From The New York Times

Controversy has erupted from the sleepy third-floor hallway galleries at the New York Public Library, where a modest exhibition of contemporary prints called ?Multiple Interpretations? is on view.

The work that has prompted protests from some library patrons … is called ?Line Up,? a series of politically inflammatory prints by the team of Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese. Each black-and-white digital print is a mug shot-style diptych in which a member of the Bush administration appears in profile and face forward, holding a police identification sign and the date on which he […]

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Obama Moving Up, Clinton Down

On December 4, 2007 By

A new USA Today/Gallup poll of Democrats nationally shows Clinton dropping 9 points (down to 39%) and Obama move up 3 points (to 24%).

Kucinich stayed the same at 4% – and Gravel’s name was excluded from the poll.


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YouTube Tuesdays – DDR Master!

On December 4, 2007 By

Man, this little kid is a DDR master!

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