In observance of World AIDS Day today the group Catholics for Choice commissioned a survey that asked this question:

Are condoms pro-life because they can prevent the spread of AIDS?

79 percent of Americans answered YES. And in Mexico and Ireland, two very Catholic countries, even more respondents answered YES (90 and 86 percent respectively).

This is hardly surprising. The fact is: there’s nothing in the bible about condoms or any kind of birth control for that matter. ( There’s nothing about abortion either but, hey, one issue at a time I guess )

But there is a lot of stuff in there about helping out the less fortunate and not judging people for their sins.

Don’t get me wrong- Catholic Relief Services does do a lot of relief work for AIDS. According to their website they will be spending $120 million this year on efforts around the world.

But their focus is on AIDS testing and on expensive antiretroviral therapy. A good start, sure.

However, because of the church’s outdated policy on contraception, catholic relief workers can not use the cheapest and most effective tool for preventing the spread of the disease: Condoms.

If the church really wants to push its pro-life agenda- and be truly effective in their relief efforts- then they should really reconsider their “policy”.